Top 11 Best Tool Boxes 2018

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If you do even small repairs around your home or office or automobile then you need a toolbox of some sort. These days it doesn’t take very many tools to add up to a pretty good sum of money. A power drill along with some rechargeable tools and you can get to several hundred dollars … and that doesn’t even include the hand tools.

Best Tool Box 2018

If you are an apartment dweller then you may get by with a plastic storage bin to hold your tools. Just know that at some point you may want to opt for a regular tool box.

Today you can even buy toolboxes that are made of plastic. My preference is the metal ones though. And the sizes available are mind boggling. From small enough to slide under a bed or hide in a closet to large rolling tool boxes that stand up to five feet high.

A good rule of thumb is to always buy a toolbox that is quite a bit larger than you need it to be at the moment. The reason is that people never stop buying tools. Trust me, your tool inventory will never be smaller than it is right now and it will be larger in the future.

When I do major work that requires me possibly renting a tool that I don’t have, like a tile wet saw for example I do some shopping. In some cases I can buy a similar tool for about the same as a five day rental. If that’s the case or even close to the case then I will just buy the tool instead of renting it. Why? Because over the years I have learned that those tools may be needed again and again. In this example, every home we have moved in to has needed me to do some repair/remodeling of some tile work somewhere. So after the second job, I am actually saving money by purchasing vs. renting.

And why is this important and relevant to this article? Well every time you buy a new tool you will need someplace to store it and a toolbox is the most convenient place to keep them. Of course not all power tools, like the tile saw example, will fit into a toolbox, but lots of others will. Where’s my laser level… in the toolbox. Where’s my orbital sander….. in the bottom of my toolbox. Torque wrench, socket set, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

For me the only problem is in taking the time to put the tools back in the tool box after using them. My father was a mechanic and he always cleaned each tool after each job and put them back in his toolbox. And then he would do a quick visual check to see if any tools were missing. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent looking for a 7/16″ open end box combination wrench. He would not let me start my car after working on it until every tool was accounted for.

Rolling Tool Box Sizes

A rolling tool box can be something small that you can move around similar to a suitcase up to a very large box that can stand almost five feet high.

There are lots of advantages to having a rolling tool box. The ability to move the tool box is certainly one of the main reasons people like this type of tool box. Manufacturers tend to either make the larger types or the smaller types but not both. The ability to organize your tools and accessories complemented with the ability to actually move them to the area most convenient for the user.

Regardless of the type you are interested in; just know that the size of the wheels will have a direct impact on exactly how easy it is to move the tool box. The general rule of thumb is that the larger the wheel, the better. Without getting into the physics of just why this is true, just understand that if you are looking at two rolling tool boxes and one has wheels that are significantly larger than the other, you should opt of the one with the larger wheels.

Rolling Tool Box Wheels

Wheels are generally made from rubber or steel. On larger tool boxes the wheels are usually made of metal and then covered with rubber on the outside edge. This makes them a lot gentler on the floor with the likelihood of doing damage really reduced.

For people who use large tool boxes in their jobs, like mechanics, many times they will select the brand of the toolbox that matches their favorite brand of tool. Mac or Snap-On tool boxes are common in these situations.

Most large tool boxes are made from two separate sections. The top unit sets on the bottom unit. Keep in mind that in order to prevent theft, you should attach the top units permanently to the bottom section.

Next you should consider just how the tool box allows you to organize your tools. Do you need drawers? How many and what size? Some tool boxes have moveable compartments within each drawer which allows you to conveniently move just the tools you need for the job.

Most small rolling tool boxes have the ability to secure them with a padlock. The larger units generally use a more sophisticated method of security. The larger ones typically use an internal steel bar that slides into place to keep the drawers from being opened. Most large rolling tool boxes have their own locks instead of using a padlock.

Unlike the smaller units with their moveable drawers/sections, the larger metal boxes have metal drawers. Be sure to look at how the drawer slides are made. Since you may have a lot of weight in the drawers you will want ball bearing slides on the drawers.

Once you begin using a rolling tool box you will wonder how you ever got along without one in the first place. The small ones are great if your job or hobby doesn’t require a lot of tools, supplies or weight. The larger ones are fantastic for small shops or people needed to secure their property. Just to remind you, be sure to buy the one with the largest wheels possible.

Check out the 11 Best Tool Boxes on the market right now:

1. Best Choice Products Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool Storage Box Cabinet Sliding Drawers

Portable Top Chest Rolling Tool


  • Best Choice Products is proud to present this brand new Tool Chest and Storage Cabinet
  • This 2 piece tool set is equipped with multiple drawers and trays for storing all of your tools and keeping them organized
  • Comes with 1 top box drawer, 3 small drawers, 2 trays, 3 large drawers, and 1 big bottom cabinet
  • Each drawer and tray includes a foam material mat that can absorb oil and help keep your tools in place
  • This tool chest and cabinet come in 2 pieces that allow you to use them separately or together
  • The side handle and 4 Omni-directional wheels make this unit easy to move around smoothly
  • 2 of the wheels are equipped with locks to keep it steady and in place when needed
  • The solid steel construction of this tool storage make it durable and able to be used for years to come
  • The top tool chest unit also comes with a lock and keys for security when you’re away

>> Best-Choice-Products-Portable-Top-Chest-Rolling-Tool-Storage-Box-Cabinet-Sliding-Drawers




2. H2PRO BW00210220 22-Inch Cantilever Steel Toolbox

H2PRO BW00210220 22-Inch


  • Designed for the professional these toolboxes feature drawer liners, .8mm metal thickness and a solid industrial quality construction
  • The cantilever design includes four shelves for more organization and bottom storage space for larger tools
  • Solid industrial quality construction
  • 4 individual shelves for more organization
  • Bottom storage space for larger tools and accessories
  • Triple-clasp, padlockable design

>> H2PRO-BW00210220-22-Inch-Cantilever-Steel-Toolbox




3. BOSTITCH BTST19802 Rolling Tool Box



  • The Bostitch Rolling Tool Box (BTST19802) is ideal for storing and transporting your tools on the job site
  • It can be separated into 2 parts: bottom bin with drawer with ball bearing slides and tool box with drawer with ball bearing slide
  • The 7″ full rubber wheels make it easy to roll around, while the 70-lb. load capacity ensures that it can carry almost everything you need to get the job done
  • Can be separated into 2 parts: bottom bin with drawer with ball bearing slides and tool box with drawer with ball bearing slide
  • Heavy duty ball bearing slides
  • 70-lb. load capacity
  • 10-gallon volume

>> BOSTITCH-BTST19802-Rolling-Tool-Box




4. TRINITY TWM-3501 Wood Toolbox



  • Trinity’s Tool Chest offers a portable storage option for all of your small tools and any other items in need of organization
  • With 8 fully removable drawers, all your stored items can be easily accessed
  • The felt-lined interior offers extra protection for all your articles and the front cover folds down and conveniently stows away underneath the drawers
  • This versatile durable Trinity Tool Chest is a great storage solution for your garage, home, office and anything in between

>> TRINITY-TWM-3501-Wood-Toolbox




5. Yaheetech Fabulous 599pcs Mechanic Kit Box Case Toolbox Trolley

Yaheetech Fabulous 599pcs


  • Comes in aluminum trolley with 2pcs castors
  • Comes with 2 keys to strengthen the outside lock
  • Great tool set and to be the most useful & helpful
  • Included 2 pair of gloves as gift, 300 x plastic ribbon
  • Tools are made of premium carbon steel
  • Approx. Size: 17.7 x 14.2 x 6.7″; Weight: 31lbs

>> Yaheetech-Fabulous-599pcs-Mechanic-Kit-Box-Case-Toolbox-Trolley




6. Stanley 020800R FatMax 4-in1 Mobile Work Station for Tools and Parts

Stanley 020800R FatMax


  • 4 storage solutions in 1 includes toolbox part bins portable tray & oversized lower bin for larger items
  • Patented tiered cantilever rolling system allows easy access to all 4 storage areas at the same time
  • Durable structural foam construction
  • Large front latch locks the entire unit
  • Telescopic handle for easy maneuvering
  • Extra large heavy-duty metal latches with pad lock ability
  • Easy latch system includes a quick push-to-close feature
  • Ball bearing slides for smooth operation

>> Stanley-020800R-FatMax-4-in1-Mobile-Work-Station-for-Tools-and-Parts




7. Custom LeatherCraft 1579 20-Inch Open-Top Soft Sided Tool Box

Custom LeatherCraft 1579 20-Inch


  • The CLC Custom Leathercraft 20in. 21-Pocket Open Top Soft Sided Tool Box is designed with a wide open main compartment to fit large tools
  • Soft-sided bag features 27 multi-use pockets to organize a wide range of tools and accessories
  • Includes a removable metal frame partition that slides into place to customize tool bag to fit your storage needs
  • Has a plastic cut-resistant fiber liner reinforced internal pocket for utility knife or other tools
  • Made of rigid structured polyester fabric
  • Sturdy metal handle with molded foam grip for easy carrying
  • Padded adjustable shoulder strap

>> Custom-LeatherCraft-1579-20-Inch-Open-Top-Soft-Sided-Tool-Box




8. S.A.W. 79-306 Chicago Bears Art Deco Tool Box

S.A.W. 79-306


  • Sainty International 79-306 CHI Bears Art Deco Tool Box is unique and has an exclusive design
  • 16-inch durable steel tool boxes. Official NFL licensed products
  • Rugged all steel end cap construction for greater strength
  • Nickel-plated steel latch and hinge provides add security
  • Full length metal tote tray. Heavy-duty steel handle
  • Durable powder coated finish resists rust
  • The Sainty International 79-306 CHI Bears Art Deco Tool Box comes with a life time warranty
  • Sainty International has over 30-years experience in dealing with hand tools, power tools accessories and automotive accessories
  • It has always been Sainty International’s primary target to supply high quality products at a competitive price and to provide a satisfying service
  • Sainty International has received ISO9001:2008 certification to meet the standard of international manufacturing and service

>> S.A.W.79-306-Chicago-Bears-Art-Deco-Tool-Box




9. Stack-On R-420 20-Inch General Purpose Steel Tool Box

Stack-On R-420


  • The Stack-On 20″ Pro/Contractor Steel All Purpose Tool Box-Red, includes high quality features for strength and durability
  • Rugged all steel end cap construction provides greater strength
  • Full-length, staked piano hinge
  • Durable baked epoxy finish resists rust and solvents
  • Includes lift out steel tray for frequently used tools. Steel handle
  • Tool box dimensions: 20″w x 8-5/8 “d x 8-5/8″h

>> Stack-On-R-420-20-Inch-General-Purpose-Steel-Tool-Box




10. Craftsman 17-Inch Wide Tool Box

Craftsman 17-Inch Wide


  • This Craftsman 9-59317 17 inch plastic hand box features coordinating Craftsman colors with black bottom tub with red cover
  • Strong full-length metal hinge pin and metal drawbolt latch with padlock eye for your safety, security, and durability
  • Comfort-grip handle of black plastic for ease of use
  • Buy Craftsman when you need America’s most trusted tool brand

>> Craftsman-17-Inch-Wide-Tool-Box




11. DEWALT DWST17808 TSTAK I Long Handle Toolbox Organizer



  • The DEWALT DWST17808 TSTAK I long-handle toolbox organizer offers new innovation in DEWALT storage options
  • This flexible platform allows different combinations; all units can stack on top of each other and are able to connect with durable side latches
  • This unit features removable covered cups for organization of small parts and accessories
  • The drawers have ball-bearing slides reliable for heavy-duty loads
  • The bi-material handle on top of each unit allows for easy and comfortable lifting, along with rust-resistant heavy-duty metal latches
  • Length 17.3″ x Width 7.3″ x Height 13″, Weight capacity of 66 lbs.

>> DEWALT-DWST17808-TSTAK-I-Long-Handle-Toolbox-Organizer