Top 10 Best Trail Cameras 2018

Buying Guide

What is trail camera and how they work exactly?

Yes! First, let me clear more about trail camera. Trail cameras are also called as game camera, camera trap.

Best Trail Camera

It is the type of remote camera, which is a strong and weatherproof designed for extended and unmanned use outdoors. A trail camera (game camera) is an automatically operated device, which uses a motion sensor or an infrared sensor, or uses a light beam as a trigger. When it detects any motion, activated automatically and started to record videos or images as previously commanded.

Types of Trail Camera (Game Camera) that fit your need

  1. Cellular Camera

Cellular cameras record images and transmit them to your phone and tabs through the internet. A Sim Card is needed. It’s perfect for the indoor/outdoor camera. It’s very compact in size, easy to handle. But there must be Sim Provider’s network in that area. These types of camera run on battery so ensure that battery indicator is available.

  1. Wireless Wi-Fi

As it name suggests that it works wirelessly. This is also one of the demanding cameras. It also needs the internet – it needs a strong wireless network.

  1. Strobe flash

The flash camera is made for the night shots. For dark or night shots, the camera switches to flash mode for the capture. It produces flash, so sometimes flash may irritate when you don’t need it. Especially not suitable for wildlife photography. It also produces some noise while flashing.

  1. IR (Infrared)

If you are looking camera that supports videos/images in the night also without showing it appearance then you must select IR cameras. Most of the users prefer this type of camera. Sometimes available in addition to strobe flash or alone. Provides black and white images in the night so something when you need high-quality pics at the night then don’t expect with this type of camera.

  1. Motion Activated Camera

These type of cameras activated when detects any movement within its range. This kind of camera is very famous for wildlife and sports photography. Sensitivity and range are two features of this camera that you need to check at the time of buying.

  1. Film

Instead of digital these cameras use film, usually 35mm.

  1. Laser aim

Produce a red light beam for aiming target.

  1. Sound producing

Game calls or sounds to attract any of a wide variety of animals, with sounding intervals adjustable from 1 to 24 hours.

Out of above types, the most useful cameras are Strobe flash and IR based. There are many pros and cons of using both. For better understanding you must read the below comparison:

Strobe Flash vs. IR (infrared) Cameras

  1. Strobe flash is using its flash up to 70 feet while IR cameras don’t use any flashlight, means it is better to use in night shooting if you don’t want to show your camera’s presence over the atmosphere. On the other hand, strobe cameras may spook game. Others can quickly notice Flash.
  2. Strobe flash camera captures high quality colored images during both day and night. While IR camera captures colored images only in day time, at night it captures only black and white images.
  3. IR’s battery life is much better than flash cameras, and it is because of lack of flash.

Technical Features of Trail Camera- You Must Know

Whenever you decide to buy any technical product first, you need to understand technical terms, which may help you to choose easily that product to overcome from the crowd.

  • MP (Megapixels) – MP defines as the number of pixels of camera lenses. The higher MP it has the higher quality photograph it’s capable of.
  • Detection Range – How far away the camera detects movement and triggers a photo or video.
  • Detection Angle– It covers the width of the area to be covered.
  • Trigger Speed – How fast does the camera takes a photograph after detection.
  • Recovery Time – After the camera takes a picture, how fast can it take another, most commonly when a flash is involved?
  • Flash Range – Useful range of the flash. A short range means the target must be closer at night to get a good picture.
  • No Glow – This means the camera uses an infrared flash that cannot be seen by people or animals, so as not to spook them away. The drawback is that in order for no glow to work, it will only take black and white images.
  • Viewing Screen – High end cameras will have a screen to look at photos out in the field rather than bringing it back home to a computer.
  • TV and USB Connections – These allow you to connect to a computer or TV to view pictures and video.

Whether you need a new hunting camera, security camera or a dozen new camera traps for your wildlife research project. Trail camera’s market is increasing day by day, so there might be confusion to select best one. We hope you find the best trail camera in your budget.

1. Browning STRIKE FORCE HD Sub Micro Trail Camera (10MP)

Browning STRIKE FORCE HD Sub Micro
The new Strike Force HD camera is the smallest high performance trail camera in the hunting industry. The 2015 Strike Force cameras feature enhanced 10MP picture quality, and a new high quality video processor that produces incredible quality 1280 x 720 HD video clips with sound. The Strike Force HD camera also takes night pictures using their “Zero Blur” technology which eliminates motion blur from game in your pictures. If you are looking for lightning fast 0.67 second trigger speeds and night time Infrared flash ranges of 100 ft., then the Browning Strike Force camera is for you.

>> Browning-STRIKE-FORCE-HD-Sub-Micro-Trail-Camera(10MP)




2. Exodus Outdoor Gear The Exodus Lift – 12mp Trail Cam

Exodus Outdoor Gear The Exodus Lift 12mp
The Exodus Lift is the debut camera from Exodus Trail Cams. It’s been built to last. The half shell door allows the top of the camera (area most susceptible to weather leakage) to remain permanently sealed. It was designed to swing to the bottom rather than side to side so that we could utilize two over-sized latches to maintain an even amount of pressure to the gasket inside. 5 year “No BS” warranty and 50% off theft/damage replacement policy. Quality construction with aluminum alloy support and mounting plate. Every single camera tested in the exodus ohio headquarters before shipping. 1/2.3″ cmos sensor w/advanced natural color optimization. 20,000 + images on a set of 8 lithium aa batteries.

>> Exodus-Outdoor-Gear-The-Exodus-Lift-12mp-Trail-Cam




3. Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System

Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro HD Game Surveillance System
Harness the power of time lapse! The pro trail cam delivers a full day’s worth of scouting info in mere moments, in HD clarity! Where other game cams are triggered by a remote sensor, the PlotWatcher Pro snaps pics at regular intervals… as many as one every 5 seconds… capturing ALL the action from dusk to dawn, and presents them into a 10-minute HD time-lapse video. You’ll watch a whole day’s worth of scouting in mere minutes! And while other cameras only take pics of game in the foreground, the PlotWatcher Pro catches game no matter how near or far, from 30 feet to 300, so you see exactly where your buck is moving, even if he isn’t coming near the camera. It’s almost as good as spending a full day scouting the area yourself… and a whole lot more convenient! And with up to 4X longer battery life than the original PlotWatcher, you can count on up to a full month of time-lapse coverage on a single set of batteries! For serious scouting, the choice is clear…

>> Day-6-Plotwatcher-Pro-HD-Game-Surveillance-System




4. Wild Game Innovations 360 Camera

Wild Game Innovations 360
The leader in trail camera innovation, Wildgame innovations brings you the revolutionary 360 Cam. The super Quit Infrared system offers 70 ft. Illumination range. The camera is equipped to take high quality 12 Mega Pixel Images with rapid trigger speed. The bark textured 360 Cam comes with an easy to use t-post mounting bracket and is powered by 8 AA batteries (not included).

>> Wild-Game-Innovations-360-Camera




5. Browning STRIKE FORCE ELITE BTC5HDE Trail Game Camera (10MP)

The Browning Strike Force Elite HD Trail Camera combines high resolution imaging with the most compact profile on the market. It feature an incredibly fast .4 second trigger speed and 1.5 second recovery time between pictures. The fast trigger speed and recovery time means you never miss the shot. The high quality 10 MP picture quality and 280 x 720 HD video clips with sound are crystal clear, even at night. When it is dark, the camera uses infrared light to illuminate the scene without scaring away the animals. The camera also takes night pictures using Zero Blur. Other features include SD card management options, and smart IR video which continues to record video during the day when game is present. A TV out and USB port are used to review the images, and the photos and videos are each stamped with the time, date, temperature, moon phase, and camera ID. This is a great camera for keeping an eye on your property or tracking game.

>> Browning-STRIKE-FORCE-ELITE-BTC5HDE-Trail-Game-Camera(10MP)-w/-Sony-16GB-Memory-Card




6. TEC.BEAN 12MP 1080P HD Game & Trail Hunting Camera

This HD IR Trail and Game camera is their patent product with great performance. It can be triggered by any movement by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red motion sensor (PIR). Equipped with 940nm invisible infrared dark LEDs, it takes clear black and white pictures or videos even in the dark night with very little power consumption. The device is resistant against water and snow, which is ideal for outdoor use like animal hunting and trace trail, ecological monitoring, home surveillance and more. Fast trigger speed 0.6-0.8s. Five capture modes. Patented motion detect function.

>> TEC.BEAN-12MP-1080P-HD-Game&Trail-Hunting-Camera




7. Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo Trail Game Camera STC-G42NG

Stealth Cam G42 No-Glo STC-G42NG
Packed with features, the Stealth Cam G42NG 10MP Trail Camera captures high-quality 10MP pictures and five- to 180-second of HD videos with audio. 42 black IR emitters reach up to 100 ft. and won’t spook nighttime game. Retina low-light-sensitivity technology catches light and disperses IR illumination to create a detailed, evenly lit scene. Matrix Blur Reduction takes crisp images of moving subjects in IR mode. Multi-Zone detection offers more accurate coverage, while the Reflex trigger snaps pictures in under a second. Rapid-fire burst mode takes up to nine photos after being triggered, and time-lapse mode with PIR override catches images of game over set periods of time. Fast setup with preprogrammed or manual modes. Five- to 59-second and one- to 59-minute recovery timeout. Secure password. Time, date, moon-phase, temperature and name stamps. Intuitive backlit display. USB and video output. Accepts SD cards up to 32GB (not included). Uses eight AA batteries (not included). External power jack for 12-volt battery.

>> Stealth-Cam-G42-No-Glo-Trail-Game-Camera-STC-G42NG




8. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP Trail Camera

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Essential E2 12MP
Adjustable settings allow images to be captured at one to three per trigger, or video clips from 5-60 seconds. Image resolution can be set to 3, 8, or 12 MP. Runs up to 12 months on one set of (8) AA batteries (not included). Features a 0.3 second trigger speed, 32 Low-Glow LEDs, lime lapse mode, and 80 ft. night flash range.

>> Bushnell-Trophy-Cam-HD-Essential-E2-12MP-Trail-Camera




9. Covert MP8 Trail Camera, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country

Covert MP8
The Covert MP8 trail camera is loaded with most of the same features as the Extreme Series. Fantastic postcard quality 8MP photos, 28 red glow LEDs, video capabilities, along with the time lapse and start stop modes. The MP8 delivers as the perfect little trail camera for those of us that are on a budget. The MP8 comes in Mossy Oak Break-Up County.

>> Covert-MP8-Trail-Camera,Mossy-Oak-Break-Up-Country




10. Moultrie A-20 Mini Game Camera

Moultrie A-20 Mini
Get high-end performance in an affordable package from the new A-20, based on Moultrie’s popular A-5 camera but with even more value added. Take high-quality images in vibrant color during the day and enjoy the scouting benefits of a long-range infrared flash at night. With a 12-megapixel resolution, you’ll capture every detail. Featuring a rugged, weather-resistant exterior, easy-to-use interface and an LCD screen, the compact A-20 runs on AA batteries and can be used to outfit your entire property. Rest assured knowing each one is backed by Moultrie’s industry-leading 2-year warranty.

>> Moultrie-A-20-Mini-Game-Camera