Top 7 Best Two Way Radios 2018

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Two-way radios are an easy way to maintain direct communication where cell phones fall short. Cell phones are subject to dropped calls, network failures, and even reception problems in some work environments. To boot, in the workplace, having cell phones to every employees ear isn’t always a great way to optimize productivity. Businesses from public schools, correctional facilities and government building (and many more) have been using two way radios over cell phones for many years. It is important however, to note that not all two way radios are created equally. It is important to analyze your personal needs as well as the broader market of radios, before making your decision.

Best Two Way Radios


Two-way have two different bands readily available: the Family Radio Service (FRS) and the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). GMRS does however require a special license due to it’s much longer range of up to 25 miles. It has the option of a removable antenna. FRS radios do not require any special license, but can only transmit within a one mile radius.


One of the most common considerations with two-way radios is the lack of privacy. Anyone can chime in when you are on an open radio frequency, by simply tuning into the same channel. If privacy is important for you, then you would be wise to look at radios that have privacy features. People will still be able to tune into the same channel as you, but the voices will be scrambled and impossible for people to decrypt the conversation.


Two-way radios most typically operate on battery power. However, there are different kinds of batteries that power two-way radios today. There are the most standard alkaline batteries that you can buy in any store. Obviously this isn’t always convenient. Most two-way radios get a lot of use and having to replace them with pricey convenient store batteries isn’t ideal. There are however radios that run on rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries and can be powered up from a charging stand or wall wort style charger. Some radios will even operate on BOTH giving you options. The most modern radios operate with lithium-ion batteries which are not only more lightweight, long-lasting, but typically the best choice for anyone. Many consumer products like portable iPod docks and such have adopted using lithium-ion batteries for their longevity and recharge ability. Lithium-ion batteries degrade less over time, compared to other kinds of rechargeable batteries.

Extra Features

Higher end two way radios will simply put, have more features. Transcending simply communicating, business two way radios can be used as a tool for many purposes on the job. Some of these features would include digital clocks, altimeters (for telling altitude), compasses, thermometers, barometers and recently GPS units for complete satellite navigation and tracking. Weather alerts are also something that has been seen in some models. There are radios for different types of sensitive and hazardous work places as well, so areas you wouldn’t normally want or allow electronics can now have 2-way radio functionality as well.


The price of a two-way radio is a complex reflection of the afore mentioned aspects. With so many features and radios built for so many different jobs and workplaces, it is best to do your research and find one that does the job and meets your budget.

You can turn that savings towards a warranty and have peace of mind, flexibility and more options. Many off-brand radios have been greatly received by users who branch out and try them. When you get down to the science of two-way radios and what is inside of them, they are rather simple pieces of electronics.

Check out the 7 Best Two Way Radios on the market right now:

1. Retevis H-777 2 Way Radio (20 Pack)

Retevis H-777
Extremely simple to operate and it has the necessary set of functions and reliability. Each radio has a earpiece;1500mAh Li-ion battery;low voltage alert; intelligent charging. Multi feature functions and long distance communication with the substantial price. Clear voice prompt could remind you whenever you turn on the radio with the current channel number or select and stop the radio.

>> Retevis-H-777-2-Way-Radio-UHF-400-470MHz-3W-16CH-Walkie-Talkies-with-Original-Headset-Belt-Clip-(20 Pack)-and-USB-Programming-Cable




2. BaoFeng BF-888S Two Way Radio (Pack of 20)

BaoFeng BF-888S
Walkie Talkie Model: Baofeng BF-888S;16 channel; Each radio has a earpiece. Frequency Range: 400-470MHz; Low battery alarm; 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS. 1500mah li-ion battery; low voltage alert; intelligent charging. Power-saving features to extend battery life; ctcss/dcs function/scanning function/emergency alarm function. Range up to 3 miles (5 km) depending on environment and terrain.

>> BaoFeng-BF-888S-Two-Way-Radio-(Pack-of-20)




3. Retevis H-777 Two-Way Radio (10 Pack)

Retevis H-777
They are programmed at the same frequency before they leave the factory and just on the same channel can communicate. Built-in Led torch and voice prompt function; easy to figure out the channel and easy to use in dark environment. Original earpiece for true hands-free communication; and belt clip make them easy to carry. The 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS keep you away from the irrelevant call which is allow you do some private exchanges.

>> Retevis-H-777-Two-Way-Radio-Long-Range-UHF-400-470MHz-Signal-Frequency-Single-Band-16-CH-Walkie-Talkies-with-Original-Earpiece-(10-Pack)




4. Retevis RT-5R 2 Way Radio (6 Pack)

Retevis RT-5R
All of the radio was be set up to the same frequency, they can work with each other just on the same channel when out of the box. By the way, USB programming Cable included then connects your radio to your computer for fast and easy programming. If you are outside and you want to change the frequency, it also allowed to programming the radio manually by the keyboard. UHF 400-520MHz;VHF 136-174MHz;battery power 1800mAh;5W/1W power. High/Low and UHF/VHF meets all your needs in warehouse or outside activity so it is the best choice. 1800mAh battery and crystal clear FM broadcast for downtimes or in emergency communication.

>> Retevis-RT-5R-2-Way-Radio-5W-128CH-UHF/VHF-400-520MHz/136-174MHZ-Ham-Amateur-Radio-(6-Pack)-and-Programming-Cable




5. Motorola Professional CLS1410 Two-Way Radio

Motorola Professional CLS1410
Delivering remarkable functionality at the push of a button, the CLS 1410 on-site two-way radio is designed for the fast pace of business. It operates on a single channel with a choice of 56 business-exclusive frequencies for enhanced voice quality, privacy and reliability. The VibraCall allows users to receive alerts in discreet or noisy situations. This radio is part of CLS series, an easy-to-use, affordable wireless solution from Motorola.

>> Motorola-Professional-CLS1410-5-Mile-4-Channel-UHF-Two-Way-Radio




6. Midland GXT1000VP4 Two-Way Radio (Pair)

Midland GXT1000VP4
Midland’s GXT1000VP4 two-way, 22-channel radios are designed for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) operation, in a rugged, weatherproof package. With a range of up to 36 miles, they’re perfect for most any adventure. Features include privacy codes, direct/group calling, NOAA weather radio/alert/scan, silent operation, whisper function, SOS siren, and plenty more.

>> Midland-GXT1000VP4-36-Mile-50-Channel-FRS/GMRS-Two-Way-Radio-(Pair)




7. Midland LXT650VP3 Consumer Radio 36 Channel

Midland LXT650VP3
The compact package is big in performance and designed for reliable performance for years to come. The NOAA Weather Band receiver brings you weather forecasts, alerts and other emergency messages. The LXT650VP3 includes rechargeable battery packs and drop in charger. When the batteries are low, the battery shell will begin to flash, indicating charging is necessary, or the “AAA” batteries need to be replaced. The Midland LXT650VP3 features 121 codes to prevent hearing unwanted radio transmission. On channels 1 through 22, one of the 121 codes may be set. When codes are set for a channel, the radios will only respond to transmissions with the code so you don’t have to hear all the transmissions on a channel.

>> Midland-LXT650VP3-Consumer-Radio-36-Channel-Mossy-Oak-Break-Up-Camo-GMRS-Radios-with-NOAA-Weather-Alert