Top 9 Best Vibration Machines 2018

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If you’re looking for a way to get in shape and stay fit, a Vibration Machine is the best exercise equipment to fit your needs. In as little as 15 minutes a day, you get the same benefits as spending hours sweating in the gym, giving you more time for work and play.

Best Vibration Machines

How Does Vibration Exercise Work?

Vibration exercise is the latest fitness trend that is quickly catching on all over the world. In reality, this is not something new. In fact, vibration exercise equipment have been used by the Russian Space Institute, the European Space Agency, and NASA for decades to help astronauts stay fit while they are in outer space.

The concept behind doing vibration exercise on a vibration machine is simple. The vibration exercise machine vibrates the entire body as you are standing, sitting or lying down. As your body vibrates along with the machine, the natural tendency of the muscles in your body is to try to keep you steady by contracting and relaxing in the same way as it would while working out.

Benefits of Using Vibration Exercise Equipment

Vibration exercise machines have been proven to offer a range of benefits that other kinds of exercise equipment fail to give.

1. Vibration exercise equipment are simple to use. No need to go through complicated manuals to teach you how set this up and use it. All you have to do is to plug the vibration exercise equipment, step on it, and press the start button. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

2. Scientifically proven to help you lose weight. Lots of exercise equipment claim that they can efficiently lose weight, but only vibration exercise machines have scientific studies that can back up its claim. In a study conducted at the University of Antwerp, researchers discovered that volunteers that used a vibration exercise machine lost 11% of their total body fat in just six months. This is more than the amount of body fat you can lose if you went on a strict diet and followed a rigorous exercise program.

3. 100% safe for all fitness levels. Vibration exercise machines have long been used by hospitals to help patients regain their the strength of their muscles that weakened because of surgery, illness or injury. So whether you’ve lived a very active and healthy lifestyle or not, you can get in shape regardless of your fitness level.

4. Total body workout in minutes. Since your muscles contract and relax at the same speed as the movement on the vibration exercise equipment, you get the same results you would have gotten spending an hour or two sweating out in the gym in as little as 10 minutes. And because all of your muscles work at the same time, you even get to shape and tone those difficult muscles easily.

5. Compact for easy storage. Vibration exercise equipment are designed to be extremely compact. Not only can it easily fit into any living space. It is also very easy to store away when you’re done using it.

Why waste your money on expensive gym memberships and bulky exercise equipment? Invest on vibration exercise machine today, and experience the results for yourself.

Check out the 9 Best Vibration Machines on the market right now:

#1. ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Training Machine

  • With the ability to contract your muscles up to 45 times per second, whole body vibration can help you build muscle, improve performance, increase bone density and more
  • The ProForm Activator V7 is designed to give you the ability to maximize your workout, so you burn fat and build muscle mass quicker
  • Combining the support of a stabilizing handle with the convenience of selectable dumbbells, the V7 will help you achieve a versatile, challenging workout possible
  • Digital console with 30-, 45-, and 60-second timer
  • Selectable vibration intensity of 25-, 30-, and 35-hertz
  • 8 MB SD memory card
  • Easy-to-use foot controls
  • Slip-resistant platform surface
  • Stabilizing Uni-grip Handle
  • Workout DVD and pair of 30-pound, adjustable dumbbells included

ProForm Activator V7Pros: extra large platform gives this model a huge advantage over others, this is vibration technology rocks, it is a good piece of equipment, solid steel construction, fairly quiet, it came with a nice workout video and exercise instruction sheet, the adjustable weights add to your workout, provides you more ways of workout than you can imagine, recommend anyone who may be interested to work out in small segments …

Cons: it would have been very nice to have information regarding the therapeutic benefits, it only runs a minute at a time and when you are lifting weights, doing squats, balancing etc …

=> ProForm-Activator-V7-Vibration-Training-Machine





#2. Axis-Plate E6600 Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine

  • Packed with power and features, the E6600 from Axis-Plate® gives you a pro vibration plate experience at an amazingly reasonable price
  • Two motors combine for 1,500 watts of power, and the included black isometric balance straps will keep your entire body involved during a workout
  • Dual LCD control panels (upper and lower) feature 60 speed settings per motor, 3 pre-programmed workouts, 3 user-programmable workouts, and a BMI (Body Mass Index) analyzer
  • The extra-large vibrating plate measures 27.25″ x 20″ and has a maximum load capacity of 400 pounds
  • Long handles allow for versatile workouts
  • Overall dimensions are 56.5″(h) x 29″ (w) x 30″ (d)
  • Includes a 120v grounded power cord and instructions

Axis-Plate E6600Pros: it’s a great product for the money, the dual axis motion driven by two separate motors give a lot of variety, easy to use and relatively quiet, it does provide stimulation to all body parts through a wide series of vibration exercises, works various muscle groups which you can feel immediate results, the plate is large enough to do an ab workout, recommend this if you are looking for a vibe plate …

Cons: difficulty with assembly, when it vibrates it makes lots of noise …

=> Axis-Plate-E6600-Dual-Motor-Whole-Body-Vibration-Platform-Machine





#3. Whole Body Vibration Machine

  • Whole body vibration (WBV) exercise works the body from the inside out
  • The gentle vibrations reshape the body in the hip, waist and abdomen, moving throughout the entire body improving blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and metabolism: during training, the muscles pump blood into the smallest capillaries up to 50 times per second
  • This allows the cells to receive fuel more rapidly and causes waste products to be disposed of much faster
  • Also by enhancing your local circulation it builds a stronger immunity system
  • Builds bone density and fights osteoporosis and reduces your back and joint pains
  • Decreases blood pressure, decreases your recovery time after workouts
  • The rs3000 has 3 different program levels, 30 different speed settings

Whole Body VibrationPros: this machine is as quiet as advertised, sturdy, well built, fun to try different stretches and exercises on it, 3 different program levels, 30 different speed settings, builds bone density and fights osteoporosis and reduces your back and joint pains, 1 year warranty …

Cons: poor instructions …

=> Whole-Body-Vibration-Machine





#4. Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

  • The vibration plate creates a high frequency vibration which causes a stretch reflex within the body
  • This means that the muscles contract involuntarily so creating the effects of exercise without the exertion of conventional exercises
  • The Power Plus Vibration Plate is fitted with yoga straps to enhance its potential for improving the upper body and arms
  • Extending the straps in different positions works different muscle groups, pulling against the resistance of the straps further the muscle fibers for growth and toning
  • Just 10 minutes on the Power Plus Vibration Plate is equivalent to 60 minutes of conventional exercise
  • You can begin to see results using for 10 minutes 2-3 times a week as part of a low fat and low calorie diet
  • Maximum user weight: 300 lbs. Maximum Power 1.5hp. Input Power: 600W. Input Voltage: 100-120v
  • Frequency Range 50-60Hz. Speed Range 1-50
  • If you suffer from joint problems, have a heart condition or use a pacemaker, we recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer

Confidence Fitness Slim Full BodyPros: delivered on time, all materials and parts appear high quality, reasonable price, easy to assemble, it is compact and fits into smaller spaces, powerful and has a large platform, the handrails are a great safety feature, only 10 min a day for a better night’s sleep, gets the blood flow going and helped your balance tremendously, great lost weight already, overall this machine is good value for money …

Cons: the directions were hard to follow, doesn’t have a “vibration” only mode, the pulse reader doesn’t seem accurate …

=> Confidence-Fitness-Slim-Full-Body-Vibration-Platform-Fitness-Machine





#5. Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine by Luyuan Inc

  • The Whole Body Crazy Fit Stand up Massager is the hottest and latest technology in fitness
  • It is proving to be one of the most beneficial pieces of fitness equipment, as it gives you many results
  • Not only is this a massager, but also a weight reduction machine and a stress reliever
  • It provides relaxation to all of your body muscles
  • You will notice increased blood circulation, fight off bone density, increase your metabolism, increase your endurance, and gain a greater sense of well-being
  • For those interested in an equally healthy outward appearance, the Crazy Fit Massager is an exceptional tool
  • While promoting collagen production, skin appears visibly firmer and more youthful
  • Loss of cellulite has been reported. Clearly the benefits are endless
  • Research shows that the Crazy Fit Massager strengthens the cells of the body due to the repeated automatic “stretch reflex” in the muscles
  • By applying the vibration to your body you can improve circulation, tone nervous system and muscles, and enhance bone density
  • This machine is an excellent aid for a better range of motion, core conditioning and stability and plays an excellent role in losing weight naturally

Crazy Fit MassagerPros: great lymphatic exerciser, this machine is the best 200 dollar investment you can make, it helps stimulate your blood flow and it also helps to burn calories, giving a quick workout and rejuvenates your body, the machine is easy to use, nearly silent, the manual instructions adequate, the console is easy to read and follow, the control board is perfect for putting on an iPad or other similar devices, the exercise video with the Asian girl is just fun to watch, recommend it to anyone with a stiff back or joints …

Cons: the switch is in an inconvenient place, poorly written owners manual …

=> Crazy-Fit-Massager-Full-Body-Vibration-Exercise-Machine-by-Luyuan-Inc





#6. Whole Body Vibration Machine Butterfly Shape

  • Burns Fat and tones and tightens Skin – Increased fat burning because the metabolism increases by training
  • The vibrations reshape the body in the hip, waist and abdomen
  • Increases Human Growth Hormone output by up to 361%
  • Decreases cellulite and boosts your body’s natural collagen production: The massage exercises loosen the agglutinations and results in better mobility of the tissue layers
  • The image of the skin will also improve, because cellulite are broken down and the connective tissue is enhanced therefore it would boost your body’s natural collagen production for improved skin texture
  • Increase your muscle strength up to 50% in as little as three weeks: During the training almost 100% of the muscle fibers are utilized
  • Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and metabolism: During training, the muscles pump blood into the smallest capillaries up to 50 times per second
  • This allows the cells to receive fuel more rapidly and causes waste products to be disposed of much faster
  • Also by enhancing your local circulation it builds a stronger immunity system
  • Builds Bone Density and fights osteoporosis and reduces your back and joint pains
  • Decreases blood Pressure Decrease your recovery time after workouts
  • Dramatically increase your flexibility: Due to better blood flow, heating of the muscles and the tendon stretching reflex, the body becomes much more supple and relaxed
  • Improved sense of balance and coordination: The receptors in the entire body are stimulated at the same time, which leads to improved coordination of the relating muscles at the same time the sense of balance are trained
  • Elevates stress: Causing better mood and sense of well being
  • It helps your relax with its vibration and it also can help you fight insomnia

Whole Body Butterfly ShapePros: great customer service, it is easily stored and not bulky, easy to balance upon, provides stimulation internally and externally throughout entire body, tones and tightens the muscles and clears the energy, you’ll like the different speeds and the ease of changing the speeds, the remote just spoils you and is so handy, recommend it to everyone looking for a good deal …

Cons: no complaints but it’s not one of the more intense machines that run faster …

=> Whole-Body-Vibration-Machine-Butterfly-Shape





#7. Health Mark VF80002 Port-A-Vibe Whole Body Vibration Therapy Machine

  • Developed and used by European Olympic and strength athletes for over four decades, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) machines like the Health Mark Port-A-Vibe VF 80002 have been researched and found beneficial for improved circulation, acute back pain, ligament rehabilitation, strength and power training, postural stability and muscle toning
  • Whether using for basic muscle stimulation or for a training session in conjunction with isometric contractions, this machine will give you results that you will notice
  • The upright handle bar removes in seconds, allowing you to easily travel with just the base unit while controlling it with the detachable remote, and the base rotates 360 degrees allowing you to stimulate the muscle at a variety of angles

Health Mark VF80002Pros: low-cost, excellent for home use, fantastic machine with better health to boot, the vibration is very gentle and quiet, it does wonders for sore muscles and recovery from minor injuries, helps to relieve the pain, takes up very little space, easy to store, the whole surface vibrates, great stretch, high intensity workout on, recommended for moderate use …

Cons: the vibration is dangerous for growing brains and bones of children …

=> Health-Mark-VF80002-Port-A-Vibe-Whole-Body-Vibration-Therapy-Machine





#8. Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Fitness Machine, Portable, 500W

  • This Vibration Plate Machine burns fat and tones and tightens skin – Because of increased metabolism
  • The vibrations reshape the body in the hip, waist and abdomen
  • You can increase muscle tone, strength, circulation and flexibility in just 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week
  • Overall Machine Size: 24.5″ x 20″ x 8.5″, 1 Year Warranty included

Plate Exercise Fitness Machine Portable 500WPros: the price is nice, fast shipping, customer service was excellent, vibration plate exercise machine with no rails or stand, fits perfectly into that limited space, solid and powerful, it’s great for circulation and balance, quiet running, helps with pain, relaxing …

Cons: wished it came with some kind of video or instruction book on how to do a workout with it …

=> Whole-Full-Body-Vibration-Plate-Exercise-Fitness-Machine,Portable,500W





#9. Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit Massager

  • The Crazy Fit Vibration Stand up Massager gives you powerful stimulation to your body and benefits your health
  • It is not only a Massager; you can also call it a weight reduction Machine, A stress reliever, It provides a relaxation to your whole body muscles, which can be impossible for human to give you such a relaxing, powerful massage
  • This device not only provides ultimate relaxation and stress relief but also generates vibration in plate base that goes directly to your whole body
  • Thus research shows that it strengthens the cells of the body due to the repeated automatic “stretch reflex” in the muscles
  • Whole Body Vibration is the hottest and latest technology in Fitness
  • It is proving to be one of the most beneficial Fitness equipment that can give you many results
  • By applying the vibration to your body research claims that You improve circulation, tone nervous system and muscles and, enhance bone density
  • Research also claims the Machine is an excellent aid for a better range of motion, Core conditioning and stability And plays an excellent role in losing weight naturally

Sunny Health & Fitness Crazy Fit MassagerPros: good choice for the money, a good one for a beginner, shipping was super fast, the vibrating massager works as described, you can program your own massage using the speed and time options, massages and shakes to improves circulation, it has really helped someone come back from injuries, relieves muscle aches, well worth the money …

Cons: little explanations on how to use it and the different exercises you can do with it, wished the base was larger …

=> Sunny-Health&Fitness-Crazy-Fit-Massager