Top 7 Best Water Coolers 2018

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If you drink lots of bottled water you should think about installing a water cooler in your house. It will give you nice tasting water constantly. Many families appreciate the convenience and ease of having fine filtered water ready regularly.

best bottled water cooler

There are two kinds of home water coolers. The first is the plumbed in water cooler (bottomless and bottom load) and the other type is definitely the bottled water cooler (top load). Both are used widely worldwide. With different locations they could serve various functions in family use.

Unlike the office water coolers, where there will probably be no access to the plumbed in facilities, each and every family has a tap water, which built them into easily have water cooler at home. Compared to the bottled counterpart, the plumbed in type possess a constant way to obtain fresh tasting chilled water on tap. The family doesn’t need to bother with the irritating bottle deposits problem.

There are numerous water coolers to choose from. You’re certain to locate one to satisfy your family’s lifestyle and needs. Active families absolutely take advantage of having their own water cooler. It has been shown that people will drink more water if they have a water cooler in their home. Consider these kids like to do things independently so with the water coolers they also are likely to drink more water that it used to be. They’ll love filling their water bottles as they leave for school or practice. It’s a win-win situation.

Having a water cooler at home is really very affordable. Give thought to all the money spent on water bottles. You can have purchased a water cooler 2 or 3 times. Because of the water coolers you’ll reduce your water cost dramatically. You may also notice a reduction in your water bill because you are no longer getting water from the tap. The cost owning a water cooler can differ from retailer to retailer.

Some families have even installed drinking fountains inside their homes. It is not uncommon for large homes to have a fountain in their outside covered areas. It causes it to be easy when grilling or at the pool to quickly obtain a drink of water. It keeps from needing to run back into the house to get a drink of water. The water is often available and at the perfect temperature. Clearly they are not only for businesses anymore.

If you are searching for a way to get your family to drink more water seek out having a water cooler or water fountain placed in your home. It will depend at the size of your home on which option you decide. You family will become natural water drinkers very quickly because the convenience.

After a year you will appreciate and realize that home water cooler is of the best purchase item that you have made at that year.

Check out the 7 Best Water Coolers on the market right now:

1. Elkay EZS8L ADA Compliant Barrier Free Water Cooler, 8 Gallons Per Hour

Elkay EZS8L ADA Compliant
The Elkay EZS8L Water Cooler is Elkay’s most popular water cooler. It features a barrier-free ADA design that meets both adult and child standards. Easy-touch controls are used for simple operation and increased durability. 3 Self closing buttons, one on the front and one on each side. Capacity of 50 degree Fahrenheit drinking water. Completely lead free. 8 GPH base flow rate. 115V, 60 Hertz single phase motor. Refrigerant type HFC-134a accurately controlled by a calibrated capillary tube.

>> Elkay-EZS8L-ADA-Compliant-Barrier-Free-Water-Cooler,8-Gallons-Per-Hour




2. Whirlpool Self Cleaning, Bottom Loading Commercial Water Cooler

Whirlpool Self Cleaning Bottom Loading Commercial
The premium model features completely stainless steel and nickel plated front and sides, for the total stainless steel look. Self Cleaning technology uses automatic injections of unstable oxygent to destroys bacteria and viruses. The LED display shows when the self cleaning is running, as well as when the cold and hot are ideal temperatures. Enter your room on an angle, and the full stainless steel front is visible because of the curved front. This attractive showpiece is built to commercial grade standards, reliably producing very cold and very hot water. It’s built to endure many years of heavy use. The most important feature of a water cooler is how well it cools, as many brands struggle to maintain 50°F, which is not cold enough. Whirlpool water coolers use a different type of cooling technology that forms ice inside the water tank, delivering refreshingly cold 40°F when you need it most, like during a summer heat wave. Likewise the hot water uses patented technology to maintain water at a steaming temperature, which guarantees a well brewed cup of tea. 5th generation bottom loading technology leaves less water behind in the bottle than other brands, and uses a heavy duty, commercial water pump that sucks the water powerfully with little effort. As the water pump is working at a fraction of its potential capacity, the motor is not stressed, and lasts for years of heavy commercial use. The commercial grade engineering features a compressor and thermostat that outlasts others by cycling a fraction of the time others do. The sturdy solid steel frame is built to take hundreds of pounds of top pressure. The faucets are engineered to be unbreakable with normal use, unlike many others that break off easily. The hot button is toddler resistant. Comes with an Resource SaverTM switch in the back that allows the hot water to be turned off when not in use. Compatible with both 5 and 3 gallon bottles.

>> Whirlpool-Self-Cleaning,Bottom-Loading-Commercial-Water-Cooler-with-LED-Indicators




3. Clover B7A Hot and Cold Water Dispenser With Adjustable Cold Water Thermostat

Clover B7A
The Clover B7A hot and cold water dispenser is perfect for serving refreshing chilled drinking water or piping hot water for oatmeal, soup or hot beverages. This high quality water cooler is made of a one piece UV-protected, high density polyethylene body. The double float valve with secondary safety float mechanism help reduce water loss from spilling. It has a hygienic stainless steel tank to provide clean, delicious drinking water for your home or office.

Note: This water cooler does not include an inline filter or a built-in filtration system.

>> Clover-B7A-Hot-and-Cold-Water-Dispenser-With-Adjustable-Cold-Water-Thermostat




4. Whirlpool Stainless Steel Water Cooler with LED Indicators

Whirlpool Stainless Steel
Vibrant, full stainless steel front adds beauty to any room, viewed from many angles, due to the curved stainless steel
5th generation Bottom loading technology uses a powerful durable water pump, and a water siphon that sucks up the remaining water in the bottle more than others. Chillingly cold water is cooled by a large piece of ice, 9°F colder than most. The hot water is kept steaming hot at all times to make delicious tea. Outlasts other brands as the compressor turns on less frequently because of the proprietary cooling system technology. Robust commercial design has unbreakable water faucets, a solid steel frame that can take over 300 lbs of top weight, and cold rolled steel sides.

>> Whirlpool-Stainless-Steel-Water-Cooler-with-LED-Indicators




5. Avalon Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser – Hot & Cold Water

Avalon Top Loading
The Avalon Hot/Cold Water Cooler is made with innovation and style. The easy-to-use paddle spouts make it so much more convenient to use. Simply press your cup against the paddle to let the flow of water to come out. The Machines highly efficient compressor makes the cold water crisp and ice cold without the need of adding ice cubes to your drink. The hot faucet is hot enough to cook ones tea or coffee or any other steaming hot beverage. Due to the extremely hot water, they’ve added a child safety lock on the hot water faucet. This water cooler is also designed to hold the Avalon 3 Gallon Filter Bottle taking away the need to keep buying bottles of spring water to refill the cooler. The water cooler is UL listed and complies with all standards of Energy Star.

>> Avalon-Top-Loading-Water-Cooler-Dispenser-Hot&Cold-Water




6. Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

Whirlpool Commercial
Chillingly cold water is cooled by a large piece of ice, resulting in water that is 9°F colder than most coolers. The proprietary cooling system technology extends the product lifespan because the compressor turns on less frequently. Robust design can take over 300 lbs of top weight, surviving years of constant heavy bottle slamming.

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7. Igloo 12 qt. Water Cooler

Igloo 12 qt.
Keep everyone hydrated with the Igloo 12 qt. Water Cooler. This large, classic water cooler is finished with a handy spout for easy pouring. Dimensions: 13.5 diam. x 14.13H in.. Plastic construction. Red and yellow finish. 3 gal. capacity. Odor and stain resistant interior. Includes push spout and cup dispenser bracket.

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