Top 8 Best Water Skis 2018

Buying Guide

For those looking to buy water skis, they will discover that there is a wide variety of water skis available on the market. Skis often vary according to whether they are used for recreation, in competition, or to perform tricks. Buyers should make sure to do some research into what would be the appropriate water skis for their level of experience.

Types of Water Skis

Best Water skis

There are four major types of water skis. They come in different sizes and designs to accommodate skiers of all types. The following table lists and describes the four types of water skis.

  1. Combination Skis – Combination skis are the most common type of water ski. Their popularity is due to them being the simplest to use. They are the skis used by novice skiers to learn how to ski. Combination skis are notable for being wider than slalom skis. This increases the stability of the ski, making them easier for the skier to learn to ski, and handle on the water. Because of their versatility, one pair of combination skis can be shared by several water skiers in one family.
  2. Slalom Skis -Slalom skis are designed for advanced skiers, who are familiar with skiing rougher water, and are comfortable with travelling across the water at higher speeds. Slalom skis are a single ski, with a binding for one foot, and usually a smaller grip in the rear for the skier’s second food. Excellent balance is required to ride on this ski. Slalom skis are thinner than combination skis, which allows the water skier to ski faster by effectively slicing through the water.
  3. Trick Skis – Trick skis are shorter, wider skis, that resemble small snowboards. They are designed for the maximum range of motion on the water, and allow the skier to do spins, and be quite maneuverable behind a boat. While slalom and combination skis usually have a fin underneath for stability, trick skis are smooth on the bottom, so that they can make sharp turns and slide across the water.
  4. Jump Skis – Jump skis are a strong and lightweight ski option with flat bottoms, so they can be run up ramps. These skis are solidly built, with a wide base to allow for landings. Jump skis should only be considered for those who are well advanced in the skill of water skiing. Ski jumping should never be attempted by novice skiers.

Water Ski Length

One important aspect to selecting and buying water skis is the length of ski. The length of a ski is largely dependant on the size of the skier. The following table outlines the recommended length of ski according to the size of a skier.

  1. 90- or Less Pounds – This range usually applies to children and young adults. Generally skiers in this size range have skis of 64-inches or shorter.
  2. 90- to 150-Pounds – Skiers in this size range should choose skis that are between 64- and 66-inches.
  3. 150- to 200-Pounds – Skiers that weigh in between 150- and 200- pounds should consider a ski between 66- and 69-inches in length.
  4. 200+ Pounds – Skiers that weigh over 200-pounds should consider a 69-inch long ski or even longer.

Skiers should remember that the heavier and taller a skier is, the longer the ski will need to be to stabilize and support the skier. However, advanced skiers will want to take length away from the ski to allow for agility and maneuverability at higher speeds.

Check out the 8 Best Water Skis on the market right now:

1. Connelly Aspect Slalom Water Ski

Connelly Aspect Slalom
Connelly made the Aspect so you wouldn’t have to sacrifice fun while skiing at slower speeds. The same high-end features of the V ski are set on a wider frame for performance at 28 to 32 mph (45 kph to 51.5 kph). Sharp bevels on a wide fore-body set the ski higher in the water adding support on aggressive turns. V-Tech is a step base technology that regulates the flow of water along the base of the ski, adding maneuverability while reducing drag along the base of the ski making turns feel like you’re skiing on a cloud. These key features combine to make a ski that is fast, free and fun by reducing line tension and drag. Six V-shaped steps run through the tunnel of the ski increasing efficient water flow from your front bindings to the fin. You don’t have to work as hard to enjoy the fast, responsive performance of the Aspect. Made in the USA, the Aspect is constructed with Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (C.A.P.T.) that incorporates a closed-cell polyurethane resin core, profile tech top and finished with a fiberglass wrap and polished base making this ski nearly indestructible. Skis have an aluminum drop through fin with foil. The Aspect Slalom Ski is available in three sizes of 65” (165 cm), 67” (170 cm) and 69” (175 cm) lengths that have a weight range from under 180 lbs. to over 220 lbs. (81.6 kg to 100 kg).

>> Connelly-Aspect-Slalom-Water-Ski




2. Connelly Big Daddy Slalom Waterski

Connelly Big Daddy Slalom
Made by hand in the USA. Surface Area: 550 sq. in. / 3500 sq. cm. Closed cell polyurethane resin core keeps from waterlogging if fiberglass is compromised. Wide fore body and increased surface area supports up to 260lbs.

>> Connelly-Big-Daddy-Slalom-Waterski




3. O’Brien Performer Pro Combo Water Skis with X9 Bindings, 68″

O'Brien Performer Pro Combo
Designed for the family that needs a great pair of skis but also intends to use them as a slalom ski. Mounted with the same binding found on the legendary world Team slalom. The performer Pro skis will get everyone in the boat up and riding. Length 68″/172cm, metal flush mount fin, x-9 bindings (one ski has rear toe piece), foot size: men’s 7-13.

>> O’Brien-Performer-Pro-Combo-Water-Skis-with-X9-Bindings,68″




4. Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos

Rave Pure Adult
Have fun and take to the water with confidence using the Rave Pure Adult Water Ski Combos. These skis are designed for intermediate riders and offer features that will allow riders to quickly advance their technique and skills. The Pure Skis feature a square nose and narrow fin. The slalom toe is perfect for when riders want to advance without buying new skis. Adjustable bindings with soft-step inserts offer support and comfort. Designed for riders over 125 pounds.

>> Rave-Pure-Adult-Water-Ski-Combos




5. Supersport Combo Waterskis

Supersport Combo
Reinforced composite
Slide-adjustable binding
2 x 300sq in
Glass filled nylon fin
Under 135lbs

>> Supersport-Combo-Waterskis




6. Jobe Allegre Combo Ski, Red, 67 inch

Jobe Allegre Combo
The allegre combo skis are the perfect blend of strength and control for both combo as entry-level Slalom skiing. Making use of their adjustable horse shoe bindings and tunneled bottom this ski guarantees unlimited fun every session.

>> Jobe-Allegre-Combo-Ski,Red,67-inch




7. AIRHEAD AHST-150 Trainer Water Skis

AIRHEAD AHST-150 Trainer
AIRHEAD ST-150 Trainer Water Skis – These 48 inch wood trainers make learning to ski fun for beginners under 100 lbs.. The double handle rope assembly, removable crossbar and ties at the tail make it easy to start and control. Designed for skiers under 100 lbs. The adjustable bindings fit child size 12 to adult size 5. Fiberglass reinforced nylon rudders increase stability and tracking.

>> AIRHEAD-AHST-150-Trainer-Water-Skis




8. O’Brien Platform Eco Trainer Skis Kids

O'Brien Platform Eco Trainer
For skiers up to 85 lbs
A cross between a sled and trainer skis
Made of Earth Friendly Bamboo Wood
Sure-grip handle
Teaches basic skiing fundamentals

>> O’Brien-Platform-Eco-Trainer-Skis-Kids