Top 8 Best Weight Racks 2018

Buying Guide

A weight rack is an excellent addition to help you store and organize your dumbbells. This great collection offers storage and easy access for all weight styles and sizes.

There are several types of weight racks in the market today and choosing the right one is not a small task rather it needs sampling and comparison of the pros and cons of all available brands in the market but what comes first is the answer to, “what is your preference?”  There is a lot to think about prior to purchasing a weight rack.

Best Weight Racks

Factors to consider while buying a weight rack:

  • Price. How much do wish to spend on the rack?
  • What material is it made of?
  • Product warranty. Does it come with a warranty and of how long?
  • Number of the rack tiers, one, two, three?
  • Size of the rack. How many weight s can it hold?
  • Convenience
  • Real customer reviews

1. Price of the rack.

How much are you willing to part with? Most people tend to go for the cheapest or most affordable weight racks in the market and it can be the best way in cases where the expensive ones offer nothing substantial for the additional $$$, while on the other hand price goes with quality – you get what you pay for! Having this in mind, there are a lot more factors to consider before settling.

2. Material used to make the rack

Among other materials, we have metal and wooden weight racks available in the market. The choice depends on your preference.

3. Product warranty

Products can have problems either upon purchase or after a period of time. And in most cases, defects are not apparent until you are using the product. Generally, a warranty serves as a sign that the company has confidence in its products and that they will last longer. The longer the warranty time the better.

4. Number of rack tiers

Definitely, the number of rows or levels comes into consideration when purchasing a weight rack. How these rows are placed, spaced and their size is something to look into. While the space it will occupy depends on the shape/design of the rack, a 3-tier rack will hold more weights than a 2-tier or 1-tier rack.

5. Size of the rack

Since the solemn purpose of a rack is to save room without sacrificing equipment, choose a rack that fits the space or area you wish to put it up.

6. Convenience

Depending on your need, it is good to consider buying a rack that allows an easy and quick access to your weights as well as a design that will give the flexibility of putting it against the wall or center it in a room whenever you want to.

7. Real customer reviews

For my part, I will trust a user review ten times more that a product description. What about you?

What other users have to say will help you gain a better understanding of the products ‘pros and cons and hence help you make the best buying decision. Read customer reviews to know if the product really delivers what it promises to deliver. A 5-star rating and 1-star rating of a particular item might be all you need for you to know which of the two to buy. It is definitely one of the best ways to make an informed choice.

Check out the 8 Best Weight Racks on the market right now:

#1. Body-Solid Pro Power Rack

  • Body-Solid GPR378 Pro Power Rack – Freedom of movement combined with adjustable racking and safety positions make the Power Rack a must-have for those who want to strength train without compromise
  • The Body-Solid Pro Power Rack is designed to work with all types of benches and engineered for extreme workouts
  • Heavy-duty 11-gauge high tensile strength steel frames feature all-4-side welded construction and oversized industrial strength hardware
  • Electrostatically applied powder coat finish resists chipping and scratching through the most brutal routines
  • If you want to get bigger and stronger fast, a Body-Solid Pro Power Rack is what you need
  • Compatible with the DR378 Dip Attachment (sold separately)

Body-Solid ProPros: pull up bar is very strong and sturdy, the enamel paint is excellent, a great buy for the price and something that’s commercial rated for over 1000 lb, everything aligned, everything fits precisely, very solid and functional, good spacing inside the rack, it’s perfect for heavy lifters …

Cons: the directions weren’t very clear, it’s pretty descent for someone height which is 5’9, no dip attachment

=> Body-Solid-Pro-Power-Rack





#2. Body-Solid Multi-Press Rack

  • Body-Solid Multi-Press Rack – Designed with an extra-wide 4-point stance, the GPR370 is a rock-solid performer that features a 7¡ reverse pitch that accommodates your body’s natural lifting path
  • Lift-off and safety positions are right where you want the so racking the bar is always comfortable and predictable
  • Perform squats, calf raises, lunges, dead-lifts, upright rows, and many, many more power building exercises
  • For increased workout capacity, add any freeweight bench and do bench, incline, decline, and shoulder press routines
  • If you are looking to bulk up and build power, or simply to tone your muscles and increase performance, the Multi-Press Rack is definitely the foundation of the ultimate freeweight system
  • Bar and Plates NOT Included

Body-Solid Multi-PressPros: well engineered weight rack, it’s extremely sturdy, has a nice place to store some plates, safety bars move very quickly and easily, perfect for self spotting squats and bench pressing, very safe doing squats, great for tall people, hold this weight fine, great instructions, recommend this to anyone looking to buiild a top of the line home gym, you won’t be disappointed …

Cons: the safety bars are maybe an inch too short …

=> Body-Solid-Multi-Press-Rack





#3. BD-11 Hard Power Rack w/out Lat Pull

  • The BD-11 Valor Fitness Hard Power rack is the perfect unit for the HARD CORE POWER LIFTER
  • Built using 2.5″ x 2.5″ 12 gauge steel frame, the BD-11 offers multiple options
  • Squat Rack: Rated for 650 lbs of weight
  • The BD-11 has 2 solid steel safety chrome bars for added support
  • 4 bars supports are supplied for a variety of bar adjustment heights
  • Recommendation is to perform the squats and bench press inside the cage for added safety measures
  • Pull up station: Allows user to focus on “pulling” muscle workout and not just the pushing motion found in bench press
  • Add a variety of utility benches and you can now focus on military presses
  • Solid steel weld plate in lower rear of frame adds extra support to the over-all frame structure
  • Plates and Bar NOT Included

BD-11 Hard PowerPros: can’t beat the price, shipped quicker than expected, this is the real deal, no scratches or chips at all, it has made working out so much easier, plenty of room for squats, the pull up bar is solid and high enough to work well, no shaking or sway, the lat pull attachment is smooth and a nice addition, does not take up too much space …

Cons: no complaints …

=> BD-11-Hard-Power-Rack-w/out-Lat-Pull





#4. XMark 4′ Three Tier Dumbbell Rack XM-3107.1

  • Keep your dumbbells organized, safe, and at the ready with the XMark Fitness 4ft Dumbbell Rack White, 3 Tiers for 5-50 Lbs
  • This gym accessory is constructed using a heavy-duty 14-gauge steel main frame for superior durability
  • Its also equipped with a scratch-resistant powder-coat finish that also protects the material from rusts as well as from color fading–allowing you to enjoy its long-lasting beauty
  • Moreover, this dumbbell storage is designed to store up to 10 pairs of round or six-sided hex dumbbells, or a complete set ranging from 5 to 50-lb dumbbells
  • In addition, it features 3 angled shelves for easy retrieval of weights and tough skid-resistant feet to help keep your floors safe from damage

XMark 4' Three Tier XM-3107.1Pros: came in perfect condition, it is a nice rack for the price if you’re storing smaller weights, sturdy with a nice finish, it’s a really solid rack that looks good, easy to assemble, can handle a variety of sizes, holding up great, less likely to strip the heads, no other rack offered nearly that much capacity in the same price range, recommend this rack to anyone who has a lot of dumbbells to store …

Cons: the lip is too short for the bigger dumbbells, 16 nuts is a little too tight …

=> XMark-4′-Three-Tier-Dumbbell-Rack-XM-3107.1





#5. Body Solid GSWT Standard Plate Tree Bar Holder

  • Keep your workout area safe, clean, and organized with the Body Solid GSWT standard weight tree and bar rack
  • Outfitted with six 1-by-8-inch weight storage posts, the rack can hold up to 1,000 pounds of weight in several configurations, including a series of 45-, 35-, 25-, 10-, 5-, and 2.5-pound weights
  • More importantly, the storage posts keep the plates safely suspended off the floor for easy storage and removal–just slip on the weights after you’re done and you’ll keep your workout room uncluttered
  • The rack also offers space to store a pair of standard bar holders, and includes a central weight-load distribution system that virtually eliminates the risk of tipping
  • Made of high-tensile-strength steel with all-four-side welded construction and finished with ultra-tough, electrostatically applied powder coat finish
  • The GSWT measures 23 by 40 by 20 inches (W x H x D) and carries a lifetime warranty
  • The weight plates and bars are sold separately

Body Solid GSWTPros: great value for home fitness, it’s nice to keep plates and bars in one place, easy to put together, perfect addition to our home gym, requires little space, very stylish, stable and compact, an excellent way to keep your plates organized, fills the bill, an A+ investment …

Cons: none …

=> Body-Solid-GSWT-Standard-Plate-Tree-Bar-Holder





#6. Squat Rack H.D. Adjustable Racks

  • A tried and true heavy duty squat rack
  • Much stronger and more secure than many of the new individual stands
  • This squat rack is designed to hold a weight bar safely and securely
  • Ideal for performing flat, incline, and shoulder bench presses, squats, curls, upright rows, shoulder shrugs, calf raises, and more
  • The bar supports are fully adjustable–from 40 to 72 inches–giving you plenty of height options depending on the exercise
  • In addition, the 2-by-2-inch, heavy-gauge steel frame offers an extra-wide and deep base for maximum stability
  • The side supports are all welded for strength
  • Now comes with bench catches at 28″, 32″ and 36″ high
  • These Add versatility for more exercises and also serves as a safety when benching
  • Just make sure this will work with your bench
  • An ideal accessory for casual and serious weightlifters
  • 1″ weight holder bar in back for storage and stability
  • Please note rack weighs 61 lbs.

Squat Rack H.DPros: great rack for a great price, strong welds and heavy metal components, simple to assemble, the plate storage helps with extra stability, adjusts height pretty easily, robust frame, holds the 7 ft barbell perfectly, never moves when re-racking, doesn’t take up a ton of space, recommend this for any home gym short on space …

Cons: the rack arms are little small, re-racking the bar can be a difficult …






#7. Powerline OWT24 EZ Olympic Plate Load Tree

  • Powerline Olympic EZ Load Weight Tree
  • Keep your workout area safe and well organized with these smart weight trees
  • Rock solid EZ Load design directs the weight load to the center, reducing the risk of tipping
  • Six storage posts suspend your weight plates for fast and easy storage and retrieval
  • Weight plates optional

Powerline OWT24Pros: it’s looks pretty nice, well laid out, no big flaws in the paint quality, sturdy, stable, reasonably priced, great for keeping your weights organized, it doesn’t wobble or shake, it’s easy to load and unload plates …

Cons: no problem …

=> Powerline-OWT24-EZ-Olympic-Plate-Load-Tree





#8. Cap Barbell A Type Dumbbell Rack

  • Keep your dumbbells close at hand with the functional design of the CAP Barbell Black A Frame Dumbbell Rack
  • This rack holds five pairs of hex, rubber hex, or neoprene dumbbells and features a solid steel construction with black powder-coat finish
  • With a 200-pound weight capacity, this A-frame is ideal for your home gym or workout room
  • Holds 5 pairs of hex dumbbells
  • Durable steel construction
  • 200-pound weight capacity
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Dimensions: 15L x 13W x 27H inches

Cap A Type DumbbellPros: perfect and on time, great deal, good for small weights, great solution for the home gym, it cleans up mess of weights, holds barbells very well, takes very little space, provides easy access to the barbells when working out, well built A+ …

Cons: it is small for weights of more that 20 pounds, have a smell when you first get it …

=> Cap-Barbell-A-Type-Dumbbell-Rack