Top 7 Best Window Fans 2018

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Window fans cool your home by pulling cool outside air in or pushing hot air out, depending on which way the fans are facing.

Fans work best in windows that face the prevailing wind or are directly opposite.

Best Window Fans

A reversible fan let you adjust to changes in the wind direction without having to turn the fan around.

By placing two fans — one blowing in, one blowing out — in windows on opposite sides of a room, you can create cross-ventilation that moves air and makes you feel cooler.

You can apply the same technique between levels in a two-story home: Direct fans to blow air out through upper-level windows while fans in lower-level windows pull cool air in.

You’ll need to try different setups to see which ones produce the best airflow.

Check out the 7 Best Window Fans on the market right now:

#1. AirKing 9166 20″ Whole House Window Fan

  • The Air King 9166 is used to circulate air in any room whether in a residential or work setting
  • The fan fits window openings that are between 27-inches and 38-inches wide and are 26.25″” tall
  • Traditional window fans are held in place by closing the window down onto the fan
  • While this is effective, if you ever need to close the window, you have to physically remove the fan from the window
  • Air King’s Storm Guard feature enables the window to be closed behind the fan during inclement weather, or when securing the home
  • This Air King Window Fan is made of an impact resistant plastic housing, powder coated steel front grill and blade
  • With a powerful motor, this fan is the perfect cooling solution for instant air circulation and cooling
  • This fan is compliant with OSHA and ETL
  • Air King knows that the power house of any fan is a high-quality motor
  • With this in mind, Air King equipped this model with a 3-speed, 1-phase motor and sleeve bearing, permanent split capacitor
  • This powerful motor is rated at 120-volts, 1/6-horsepower and has 3-speed settings for cubic feet per minute of 3560, 3120 and 2510 on high, medium and low and rotations per minute of 1600, 1450 and 1100 on high, medium and low
  • The motor is rated at 1.4, 1.2 and 1.0 amps and170, 145 and 115 watts on highm medium and low
  • This fan is tested in accordance with AMCA standard 230-99
  • The industrial grade fan motor means high velocity air circulation with little to no maintenance

AirKing 9166Pros: very quick delivery, arrived in good shape, easily installed, fits in the window easily, no rattles or annoying vibrations when it’s running, metal instead of plastic, most effective for whole house ventilation, an improvement over the older fan, running wonderfully, powerful enough to cool the entire house, great air movement, good to get cooking smell out of the house in 15-30 minutes running, helpful cooling except on very hot days, relatively quiet operation, save you a lot of money using it rather than whole house air conditioning, reduces the need for air conditioning, will cut down on electricity bills …

Cons: its big but works 100%, a little loud on high …

=> AirKing-9166-20″-Whole-House-Window-Fan





#2. Lasko 2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan, 16-Inch

  • Lasko’s No. 2155A 16″ Electrically Reversible Window Fan will pull hot air out of the house or blow cool air in
  • Made in the USA from Domestic and Imported Parts
  • Lasko; 100+ years of quality, comfort and durability
  • ETL listed with patented, fused safety plug
  • Lets you close the window behind fan during bad weather or while you’re away
  • Fits windows 26.5″ to 34.5″ wide and at least 22″ high
  • Powerful 16-inch 3-paddle blades
  • Extendable side panels for a custom fit

Lasko 2155APros: it arrived in a timely manner, great window fan at a great price, very light, easy to install, long enough cord to reach your wall outlets, exhaust setting is powerful, it draws a lot of air out in the summer, operates quietly, love the remote control, like the oscillating feature, does a great job circulating the air from outside and cools the house, good for the large kitchen room and dinner room, it exhaust all the smell while you cook, saves on the utility bills …

Cons: base is large, switch feels a little flimsy …

=> Lasko-2155A-Electrically-Reversible-Window-Fan,16-Inch





#3. iLIVING Newest Automatic Gable Mount Attic Ventilator Fan

  • This iLIVING automatic powerful attic fan keeps your home cool and comfortable while removing heated attic air
  • During those hot summer months, attic air gets trapped inside and can easily reach 150 degree or more
  • Using this automatic fan helps reducing heat buildup in attic and preventing weather-induced home deterioration
  • The housing is sturdily built with galvanized steel
  • It has an automatic adjustable thermostat and humidistat
  • The motor is thermally protected and permanently lubricated for long lasting performance
  • Product dimensions: 15x8x15. Hardwired required
  • Install behind shutters for protection from rain
  • Shutter sold separately

iLIVING Newest Automatic Gable Mount AtticPros: reasonably priced, cheap way to cool off your attic, very nice fan for the attic, high quality, comes with four brackets and fasteners, it runs smoothly, without rubbing or wobbling, really strong fan, the noise level is minimal, the incorporated thermostat is great, the permanent lubrication is great to reduce maintenance, it’s worth the extra cost and effort, highly flexible way to vent your attic …

Cons: it is very heavy, no speed control …

=> iLIVING-Newest-Automatic-Gable-Mount-Attic-Ventilator-Fan





#4. Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan with Remote Control

  • Draws in cool air, exhausts hot air, or exchanges air with outside
  • Electronic control with LCD screen and remote control
  • Three speeds Thermostat turns fan off/on to maintain selected comfort level
  • Fits double-hung, vertical slider, and casement windows 24 to 37 inches wide
  • Extenders permit custom fit; 13 inches high overall, with 8-1/2-inch fans

Bionaire BW2300Pros: great fan for the money hands down, fast delivery, excellent customer service, it fits the window well, easy to clean, the auto function is a nice touch, digital temp readout, love the temperature control, strong fan with many options, keeps large room cool perfectly, does not vibrate, quiet, convenient to use with the remote …

Cons: wish it was an energy efficient fan …

=> Bionaire-BW2300-Twin-Window-Fan-with-Remote-Control





#5. Holmes HAWF-2041 Twin Window Fan

  • Jarden HAWF2041 Window Fan: In with the good air, out with the bad air
  • The Holmes Twin Window Fan operates quietly and efficiently by taking in fresh, cool outdoor air and exhausting stale, warm indoor air
  • The manual thermostat sets and maintains the ideal comfort level
  • The dual blade operation has independent controllable, reversible motors with 3 speed settings
  • The motors are water-resistant and are safe to use during rainy weather
  • Designed to fit most double hung and slider windows
  • 1 adjustable accordion extender screen and 1 5-inch removable panel help secure fan in larger windows
  • The product comes with a 3-year limited warranty

Holmes HAWF-2041Pros: quick delivery, great window exhaust fan for the price, no bells and whistles, like that this fans can be set to blow in and out at the same time, you can shut one fan to off while the other is on, thermostat is nice for when the temp outside drops, nice airflow, pulls the smoke out, very quiet, doesn’t take up very much space, great fan for a small room …

Cons: the cord is a little short, wish it was digital …

=> Holmes-HAWF-2041-Twin-Window-Fan





#6. Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

  • This electronic window fan disperses invigorating, revitalizing coolness for maximum comfort and freshness
  • Lifeless air dissipates to breaths of nourishing air and the renewing effects of cooler air become more present in your surroundings
  • It is more powerful with 40% greater air velocity compared to similar window fans and 25% more compact to reduce window obstruction
  • With Bionaire brand technology, you can live in harmony with nature for a serene home environment

Bionaire BWF0522E-BUPros: good Bionare triple window fan, arrived on time, nice looking, small foot print, high quality construction, a great little powerhouse, the temperature setting actually works fairly well, you can turn on and off on both side, the individual fans turn on for the different speeds, so quiet even on high, recommend to anyone in an apartment or room, 5 years warranty …

Cons: the extension isn’t long enough, wish it had a remote control …

=> Bionaire-BWF0522E-BU-Thin-Window-Fan-with-Comfort-Control-Thermostat





#7. Lasko 2138 8-Inch Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan

  • Lasko’s #2138 8″ Electrically Reversible Twin Window Fan adds the convenience of in-window reverse and independently controlled motors, making it one of the most versatile twin window fans on the market
  • Made in US
  • Two, whisper quiet speeds
  • E-Z-Click expander panels for a safe, custom fit
  • Fits windows 25″ to 35″W and 12″H and larger
  • Snap-on feet included for table or floor use
  • 8-inch electrically reversible twin window fan with 2 quiet speeds
  • Independent motor control for air intake, exhaust, or exchange
  • ETL listed. Patented fused safety plug.

Lasko 2138Pros: perfect for your little workshop, fits perfectly into a standard window, works very nicely, white noise, reliable, effective, no smelling of burning plastic, love the interdependent reverse function, the individual controls on each fan add to it …

Cons: you cannot direct the airflow as the vents are not movable …

=> Lasko-2138-8-Inch-Electrically-Reversible-Twin-Window-Fan