Top 8 Best Wine Openers 2018

Buying Guide

Wine bottle openers are simple devices that allow you to remove the cork on a wine bottle in just a few seconds. There are typically two types of wine bottle openers: either a mechanical opener where you have to use your hands to operate or an electrical opener that opens the wine bottle with the press of a button. No matter which type of wine bottle opener you actually select, both are simple and easy to use!

Wine bottle openers are extremely useful!  Owning a wine bottle opener will of course make opening a bottle of your favorite wine very easy and quick.  There is no straining and pulling of the cork and no cork chucks floating in your glass!!!  Some wine bottle openers even peel the foil wrapper off the bottle for you!  Wine bottle openers are simple and effortless!

When choosing the best wine bottle opener you should look for one that has easy to use features.  It’s important to find a wine bottle opener that fits well in your hand, is simple to recharge, and allows you to open multiple wine bottles on one single charge.  Also important is the extra features of the wine bottle opener including a added foil cutter, etc. Style and personal preference is also important when picking out a wine bottle opener for your kitchen and/or bar and of course you want to select an opener that is budget friendly and meets your needs.

The specific features to compare when selecting a wine bottle opener include the following:

  • Budget for item vs. cost of the item
  • Easy of use
  • Hours of use on one single charge
  • Easy of recharging
  • Added features – ex. foil cutter, etc.
  • Personal style – color of opener, etc.

The best wine bottle opener in our opinion are the ones that provide a great balance in features.  Of course, in the end some things are just down to personal preference.

Check out the 8 Best Wine Openers on the market right now:

1. Electronic Wine Opener Set, Rechargeable Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

Rechargeable Stainless Steel Bottle Opener
Remove synthetic and rubber corks easily, open wine bottles without effort, preserve wine longer. Powerful motor easily removes the cork in seconds. Long lasting Ni-Cad rechargeable battery will last for years. Open up to 40 bottles on a single charge. Aerator introduces oxygen which provides a smoother and more flavorful taste. Foil cutter instantly removes the foil wrapper. Vacuum stop will remove trapped air keeping your wine fresh.

>> Electronic-Wine-Opener-Set,Rechargeable-Stainless-Steel-Bottle-Opener




2. Brookstone Compact Wine Opener

Brookstone Compact
Traditional cork screw wine openers are a thing of the past. The Connoisseur wine opener features a revolutionary new lever-pull design that allows for effortless cork screw removal each and every time, The Connoisseur wine bottle opener is crafted with the same precision design of all their other Connoisseur wine accessories, boasting an ergonomic handgrip that safely secures to any bottle of wine for easy single-motion cork removal.

>> Brookstone-Compact-Wine-Opener




3. Secura Stainless Steel Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter (S.S. Thermometer)

Secura Stainless Steel Electric
Electric Wine Opener removes and releases the cork in seconds. Durable and Elegant Stainless Steel housing with see through mechanism, no guess work needed. Built-in rechargeable battery, opens up to 30 bottles on a single charge; simple push-button operation. Built-in Thermometer with Digital Display, reads and displays wine temperature with the push of a button. Foil cutter included for easily removing seals; Elegant charging base with blue LED light.

>> Secura-Stainless-Steel-Electric-Wine-Bottle-Opener-with-Foil-Cutter-(S.S.hermometer)




4. Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener in Black, with Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Stopper

Ozeri Nouveaux II
Available in Black, Red and Silver, the Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener combines a European inspired cordless design, integrated foil cutter and free wine pourer & stopper into one ultimate gift set. The Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener’s new motor now opens up to 60 bottles, all on a single charge. With the Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener, opening a bottle of wine is effortless, quick and entertaining. The Nouveaux II introduces a celebrated design incorporating elegant curves that allow it to stand vertically without the use of a separate base or stand. Designed for home and restaurant use, the Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric removes a wine bottle cork with the gentle push of a button. Unlike other electric wine openers, it features a transparent corkscrew shell that makes the cork removal process completely visible. When in use or while being recharged with the included compact adaptor, the Nouveaux II illuminates its transparent bottom shell with calming blue indicator lights. A completely cordless wine opener, the Nouveaux II opens both natural and synthetic corks and features an ergonomic grip for easy handling. With its fashionable design, high quality materials and durable construction, The Ozeri Nouveaux II Electric Wine Opener is the ultimate companion to every wine bottle. No batteries required. 100-Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed.

>> Ozeri-Nouveaux-II-Electric-Wine-Opener-in-Black,with-Foil-Cutter,Wine-Pourer-and-Stopper




5. Oster Cordless Electric Wine Bottle Opener with Foil Cutter, FFP

Oster with Foil Cutter FFP
Designed to fit all traditional wine bottles, the electric wine bottle opener offers the same portable, cordless convenience as other wine bottle openers, but with the added benefit of sleek presentation and fast, effortless performance, opening a bottle in a matter of seconds. Fast, zero-effort cork removal ultimately means more time to spend with guests. Sipping wine, visiting with friends–Oster helps make it happen. Measuring 2-1/4 inches in diameter by 10-3/4 inches tall, the electric wine bottle opener provides an ergonomically designed, soft-grip handle that fits in the palm of your hand for a firm grip. Other highlights include an LED charging light on the top of the unit and a power indicator light on the base, which offers a small footprint that takes up minimal space on a kitchen counter, bar, table, or buffet. When not in use, return the electric wine bottle opener to its charging base. A full recharge takes about six to eight hours. Fully charged, it can open approximately 30 bottles of wine.

>> Oster-Cordless-Electric-Wine-Bottle-Opener-with-Foil-Cutter,FFP




6. OWLTOPPER Ruby Red Rosewood Wine Opener Corkscrew

OWLTOPPER Ruby Red Rosewood
Stainless steel with an ebony wood inlay, curved ergonomic handle for easy gripping and use. Five turn worm for the effortless drawing of wine corks and the avoidance of breakages. Sturdy foil cutter with a fine tapered tip for the smooth removal of wine foils. Double-hinged fulcrum providing that extra leverage for the extraction of those stubborn corks. Superb accessory for all hosts and celebrations.

>> OWLTOPPER-Ruby-Red-Rosewood-Wine-Opener-Corkscrew




7. Xtrend Professional Rabbit Wine Opener – With Foil Cutter

Xtrend Professional Rabbit
Instead, use your new Professional Wine Opener for all your wine bottle opening needs! It’s as simple as opening your wine bottle with a smooth pull, and pouring it into your glass! Ppens bottles with absolute ease. Beautiful premium silver metallic design.

>> Xtrend-Professional-Rabbit-Wine-Opener-With-Foil-Cutter




8. SUCK UK Pirate Bottle Opener

SUCK UK Pirate
Bottle opener designed to look like a peg-legged pirate. Forget Blackbeard, ‘Legless’ is the hardest working pirate in the bar! Corkscrew with easy open lever, foil cutter and beer bottle opener. Made from stainless steel with matte black rubber.

>> SUCK-UK-Pirate-Bottle-Opener