Top 6 Best Wireless Dog Fences 2018

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A wireless dog fence is one of the best ways to give your dog freedom while preventing it from running away and getting lost or injured. If you have an active dog and you simply don’t have the time to spend hours a day walking it then a fence like this is a great option. There are many benefits to a wireless electric dog fence. Not having to walk your dog several times a day is a great way to save time. Plus, you can go out in the yard and play with the dog while they’re free and you don’t have to worry about them getting away. Once free of the leash you can have plenty more fun with your dog.

Best Wireless Dog Fence

One of the biggest benefits of the wireless dog fence as opposed to a wired one is that the correction zone lasts forever. With a wired version the dog can actually outrun the area where they receive the correction that is supposed to turn them around and keep them away from the fence. In the wireless version that doesn’t happen so the dog quickly learns that they need to turn around immediately. They can’t just suffer through the discomfort of the correction and get to the other side where the freedom to run anywhere they want lies. It would be so nice if we could all give our dogs that freedom but they’re simply not equipped to avoid cars and other hazards that mean certain death for dogs. Plus, in most towns and cities you’ll be fined or have your dog taken away from you if they consistently get out and run free. That’s why a good pet safe wireless dog fence is a great idea.

When you’re shopping for a wireless dog fence you would be wise to consult wireless dog fence reviews because there are major differences from product to product. There are some things you want to look out for. One of the disadvantages of this type of dog fence is that it only projects a circular area around where you placed the base. With a wired dog fence you can determine the boundary yourself but that’s not possible with the wireless type. Another disadvantage is something called boundary wobble. That means that at any given time the boundary can change. It gets a little bigger and then a little smaller, which can be confusing for the dog. That’s why you want any wireless dog fence reviews to include information on that. Also look into something called retreat response. This is how far the dog has to travel before the wireless dog fence stops the correction. If it’s a long distance your dog is going to be unnecessarily punished.

For these reasons the cheapest wireless dog fence is not always the best one. If you want a well-behaved dog it would be best not to confuse it with a bad fence that changes size constantly and requires too much running on the dog’s part to escape it. You can find a wireless dog fence on sale but before you buy it you should consult the reviews and decide if the price is worth whatever compromises you have to make. Just consider what your dog will be feeling and try to make the best decision with that information. These aren’t inhumane devices; they’re actually quite humane if you consider that your dog gets more freedom without the risk of being run over.

You want to find an excellent wireless dog fence to give your family’s pet the best life possible. If your dog is happy then the rest of you are bound to be happy too and that’s really the most important thing.

Check out the 6 Best Wireless Dog Fences on the market right now:

1. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

PetSafe Containment System
Creates a wireless circular boundary to keep your pets contained in your yard. Adjust your pet’s boundary from 5 to 90 feet in all directions from the indoor transmitter. Covers an adjustable circular area up to 1/2 acre. Easily sets-up in 1-2 hours with no wire to bury or trenches to dig. Portable containment system is perfect for RV camping and vacation homes. Works with PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment Systems to keep pets secure in the yard. Waterproof Receiver Collar with low battery indicator includes 5 levels of Static Correction plus tone-only mode for training. Receiver Collar uses RFA-67 battery module with 1-2 month expected battery life.

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2. PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence: Select Size and Number of Dogs

PetSafe Select Size and Number of Dogs
Have you decided on a PetSafe wireless dog fence? The Stay + Play Wireless Dog Fence is a customer favorite. This particular unit comes with a stubborn dog collar that is perfect for large, strong-willed dogs or guardian breeds. The rechargeable collar is one of its most appreciated features. This system is ideal for taking along with you when you travel, since it is so compact and easy to set up. Do you need to contain a larger area than its capacity of ¾ of an acre? All you need to do is purchase additional Stay + Play wireless transmitters or standard PetSafe Wireless transmitters. Place the additional transmitter in a separate area to enlarge your containment area.

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3. PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe PIF00-12917
Create a dog park in your yard with the Stay+Play Wireless Fence from PetSafe® Brand. The Stay+Play wirelessly contains your pet in an adjustable ¾ acre circular boundary to keep him safe in his play area. This rechargeable system can be set up in as little as 1-2 hours and is portable, making it perfect for travelling with your pet.

>> PetSafe-PIF00-12917-Stay&Play-Wireless-Fence




4. M-Tronic Portable Wireless Dog Fence

M-Tronic Portable
Create a safe outdoor area for your pets without a physical fence. Adjust your pet’s boundary from 3 to 800 feet in all directions from the indoor transmitter. Updated collar, more save power, collar receiver is rechargeable and water resistant with low battery indicator. Updated transmitter with build in battery, keep working without 110v ac power for 24 hours. An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system.

>> M-Tronic-Portable-Wireless-Dog-Fence,NO-WIRES-TO-BURY-800FT-Containment-System-Building in-Battery,The-3nd-Greneration




5. Sacheal 100% No Wire – Wireless Dog Fence System

Sacheal 100% No Wire
It adopts a stable wireless signal to create a safety zone for your dog with the max. range of 500m and the min. range of 20m from the transmitter, no wiring or flags required, large enough space for your dog flexible movement. IP67 water-resistant, dustproof and rechargeable collar receiver with soft adjustable collar strap, it’s comfortable and suitable for almost all dogs within 20-120lb weights, also withstands sunny, slightly rainy, sandy or even dusty days. 1 Dog System – Simple and easy to install, Cordless with No Wires to Bury, Safe and Effective Wireless Pet Containment System, Durable WiFi Radio Transmitter and Receiver Collar. 100 levels of adjustable transmitter signals that allows you to set the perfect signal intensity for various dog breeds containment, such as Labrador, Chihuahua, Akita, Husky, Samoyed, Shepherd dog, etc

>> Sacheal-100%-No-Wire-Wire-Free-Wireless-Dog-Fence-System-Rechargeable-Waterproof-Receiver-Collar




6. PENSON & CO. Digtal Wireless Indoor Pet Barrier Electronic Dog Fence

PENSON & CO. Digtal
Waterproof receiver collar with an elegant and safe design. Progressive correction eliminates lingering in the warning zone. The receiver shuts off after 15 seconds of corrections, and then shocks in an intermittent way. Lightweight and comfortable, user-friendly design make it easier for your dog to get used to it, and make it easier for you to control your pet’s chores. Undergone rigorous testing and manufactured under strict quality control. Adjustable collar fits pets 5 pounds or more with neck sizes 6 to 17 inches. Receiver collar is powered by chargable lithium battery, while transmitter uses 3 AA batteries.

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