Top 10 Best Women’s Golf Drivers 2018

Buying Guide

It was said that practice makes perfect – and when it comes to golf, this cannot be any further from the truth. However, professional golf players believe that the skills you can acquire with intensive practice has everything to do with the best equipment. One has got to start learning the basics using the most reliable equipment. Golf clubs, besides the player, probably are the star of the game. Golf clubs and golf club drivers are made of different materials and designed in different ways. Each club works perfectly for different purposes and different people. But what exactly makes a pretty good golf club driver?

Best Womens Golf Drivers

Here is what our specialists suggest as the best buying guide in choosing the best golf driver:

1. Material

There are different materials which a golf driver can be made from. There are Titanium alloys, Tungsten, Iron, Composite materials, steel, and some other metals. The improvement of golf club’s design and technology is basically a result of the development in its advanced materials. The most common material for a driver these days are usually made of Titanium. Carbon composite materials are also ideal since they are lighter than steel and has more comfortable weight. For competition purposes, only materials with a 0.83 coefficient of restitution are required.

2. Model

Select the best model for your style of play. Manufacturers claim that their models are the best. Actually, the high-end brands produce golf equipment with super high standards. What makes a golf driver model the best is how it was made for the player. Different models work for different players and their handedness. Weighting is also crucial – and it is up to the player to adjust their driver’s weight according to their preference. There are three optifit weighting options: draw, neutral, and fade.

3. Shape

There is a traditional shape for golf drivers. However, as time went by, different shapes have been introduced for experimental purposes. The most favorable shape for a driver is square. It provides better alignment of tee shots and it allows the player to visualize their line of shot in a more accurate way compared to a driver with a traditional shape.

4. Loft

The loft basically refers to the relation of the angle of the face to its vertical orientation. The rule of thumb is, higher lofts makes a higher launch angle possible which means it can send the golf ball in its farthest distance. The trend for golf balls these days requires a driver with higher loft. Lofts within the range of 9-11 degrees are recommended for majority of the players. The best golf drivers fit within this range.

5. Shaft

The most common material for shafts these days are practically made of graphite. The shafts with lighter flex are most favorable for players who have slower swing speeds. Lighter shafts favor greater distance and more swing speeds. Since majority of the players play this way, most of the shafts are made with a light flex. For those golfers who have better swing-speed, steel shafts are more recommended. For regular players, shafts should be custom fitted for a more comfortable use. However, custom clubs are somewhat expensive.

Golf is a rather sophisticated sport.  It may look like a very simple sport, but technically it is one of the most complex games there is. The equipment alone can be really confusing, especially for first time players. Golf drivers, for example, have a lot of variation. The choice of material, length, and design is very important. However, you are not necessarily required to know everything in just a snap.

Check out the 10 Best Women’s Golf Drivers on the market right now:

1. Callaway Women’s Big Bertha V Series Driver

Callaway Women's Big Bertha V Series Driver
Big Bertha V Series Driver – their fastest Bertha yet. Distance from aggressive speed and forgiveness in a lightweight design. It’s the newest member of the Big Bertha Family, built for distance from lightweight materials, better aerodynamics and refined components, with a high MOI and OptiFit adjustability. With the combination of speed optimized technology, a hyper speed face, and optifit technology this Big Bertha V-Series Driver is 7 yards longer than any Big Bertha Driver designed.

>> Callaway-Women’s-Big-Bertha-V-Series-Driver




2. Callaway Women’s XR 16 Driver

Callaway Women's XR 16 Driver
Forgiveness meets fast from their most aerodynamic head shape and a speed step crown: they worked with the aerodynamics experts at boeing to reach a completely new threshold of ball speed. Extreme forgiveness: this driver is extremely forgiving, and that’s what happens when you develop a larger shape for MOI, stretch out the crown with a bigger footprint, and put in a center of gravity that’s lower and deeper. Even more ball speed with a faster face: they’ve stepped up the game with Next generation RMOTO face Technology that’s 9 grams lighter and thinner and the body is lighter too, which leads to more ball speed across the face. An even stronger face: that’s right, they’ve made the face even stronger with new 8-1-1 titanium. When you combine the faster face with the extreme forgiveness in this driver, you can pick up a lot of ball speed, wherever the ball hits the face.

>> Callaway-Women’s-XR-16-Driver




3. Polara Golf Driver, 12-Degree

Polara 12-Degree
This 12 degree lofted driver is for the golfer who hits the ball 180 to 220 yards, or who currently uses the Ultimate Straight golf ball. Pairing the Ultimate Straight with this 12 degree Advantage driver will give you the longest and straightest drives you’ve ever hit.

>> Polara-Golf-Driver,12-Degree




4. Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 Golf Driver

Tour Edge Exotics XCG6
The new Exotics XCG6 driver from Tour Edge Golf’s features the company’s first ever adjustable housel for the ultimate in ball flight control. The driver’s Shot Control Technology (SCT) allows you to adjust four face-angle/loft settings to optimize launch characteristics for maximum distance and control. With a simple twist of the SCT wrench you can adjust the face angle, loft, and lie of the XCG6 driver to create your best ball flight and longer drives.

>> Tour-Edge-Exotics-XCG6-Golf-Driver




5. TaylorMade Women’s Jetspeed Golf Driver, Right Hand, 13-Degree

TaylorMade Women's Jetspeed
First Speed Pocket engineered for a driver promotes more distance on hits low on the face. Low-and-forward CG promotes faster ball speed and lower spin-rate for more distance. Shallow profile allows ultra-low CG to deliver more distance. Long and light – 46-Inch/299 grams – promotes faster swing speed for more distance and confidence. Streamlined head-shape delivers optimal aerodynamics. Matte black crown reduces glare and a contrasting silver face makes alignment easy. Matrix Velox T 49 shaft promotes fast swing speed.

>> TaylorMade-Women’s-Jetspeed-Golf-Driver,Right-Hand,13-Degree




6. TaylorMade Burner Super Fast 2.0 Golf Driver

TaylorMade Burner Super Fast 2.0
TaylorMade Burner Superfast 2.0 driver is longer shaft, lighter weight (279 grams) and new low-drag aerodynamics promote faster wing speed for more distance. Bigger, deeper clubface works with low CG promote higher launch/lower spin for increased carry. New head shape and Inverted Cone face technology create the largest sweet spot of any TaylorMade driver. White non-glare crown and black clubface makes alignment easy. Features B11 Winn Lite grip, REAX 4.8 graphite shaft, 10.5 club, left hand orientation, regular shaft flex.

>> TaylorMade-Burner-Super-Fast-2.0-Golf-Driver




7. ADAMS Lady XTD Ti Driver

Adams Lady XTD Ti Driver The extremely hot face of the Adams Lady XTD Ti Driver allows you to launch golf balls with explosive speeds and take your tee shots to the next level. Every Lady XTD Driver is CT tested up to four times to ensure maximum CT on every club within USGA limits, and the new industry-first Cut-Thru slots combine with progressive face thickness for maximum ball speed on on-center and off-center shots. Now you can get more distant from more surface area on the face.

>> ADAMS-Lady-XTD-Ti-Driver




8. TaylorMade Women’s AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade Women's AeroBurner
TaylorMade Lady AeroBurner Driver The TaylorMade Lady AeroBurner Driver features an advanced 460cc aerodynamic shape that comes designed with a rounder toe, a raised center crown, reduced drop from crown to skirt, and a new hosel fin, all creating a reduction in drag for faster swing speeds. The new Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin for longer, more forgiving shots on off-center hits. A new matte white finish, black PVD face, and linear AeroBurner crown graphic make alignment extremely easy and inspire confidence off the tee.

>> TaylorMade-Women’s-AeroBurner-Driver




9. Momentus Power Hitter Driver

Momentus Power Hitter Driver
The Power Hitter is a hittable weighted practice driver that is designed to add incredible distance to your tee shots after just one practice session on the driving range. The Power Hitter combines proven shaft-weighting technology with proportionate head-weighting in a balanced practice club that will improve your timing to delay the release of the clubhead to generate maximum force into the back of the ball.

>> Momentus-Power-Hitter-Driver




10. Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme
RAZR Fit Xtreme has combined Extreme Distance and Extreme Adjustability to create their longest driver. The Forged Composite crown helps us achieve the lowest CG of any adjustable driver and OptiFit Technology allows for a greater range of face angle options, CG bias options and CG height differences than the RAZR Fit. Speed Frame Technology produces fast ball speeds for longer, more consistent distance across the face. OptiFit Technology
OptiFit Hosel adjusts the face angle to Open, Square or Closed positions at address to improve accuracy and trajectory. The OptiFit Weights (13 grams and 1 gram) shift the clubhead’s center of gravity to promote either Draw or Neutral ball flights.

>> Callaway-RAZR-Fit-Xtreme-Driver