Don’t Buy a Used Elliptical Trainer Until You’ve Read Our Guide

Just like any other product or item up for sale, people can save more on purchasing used elliptical trainers than brand new ones.

Used Elliptical TrainerUsed elliptical trainers do not mean they are secondhand.  They are actually remodeled or remanufactured by companies that specialize in reselling exercise equipment.  It is important to remember than when opting to buy remanufactured elliptical trainers, one should only buy from trusted companies and not too much through online auction sites or classified ads.

There are also tips and factors to consider when searching for used elliptical trainers.  When looking to buy one, you should first get as much information on the machine as possible.  Look up on the original price of the machine and how used it has been.  Compare the original price with the price it sports upon local purchase.  Also consider the features and brand of the equipment.  When all these have been taken into careful consideration, then you probably are in for a good buy.

E-bay, Amazon, newspapers, or local exercise shops are good sources of information on which elliptical machine you are planning to buy. You can look for one depending on the budget that you have. Also, make sure that the elliptical machine you are planning to buy would provide you with cardio, low-impact, and quality workouts: the very features the elliptical trainers are very popular about.

Also, when looking for an elliptical trainer, it is also important to look for a machine which would provide you with the quality of workout you are personally looking for. Consider your needs in weight training or on any other need (toning up your core muscles, leg muscles, etc.). Look for an elliptical machine in good working order; one which has been used but would still contain features that would help you in your exercise and most of all, has a more reasonable price than the brand new ones.

When evaluating a machine, consider the following:

  1. Make sure that the motions are fluid and smooth, not jerky.
  2. The machine should not make too much noise when being used, as low noise would allow you to enjoy music or television during your workout.
  3. The machine should be able to allow you to work both your upper and lower body.
  4. The presence of pre-programmed and customizable settings which can aid you in your workout.
  5. Digital readout which displays your heart rate.
  6. Incline ramps and pedals which can be adjusted to add variety to muscle usage and to the intensity of workout.
  7. Pricing and warranty (if still available).
  8. As much as it is tempting to purchase from online advertisements and classified ads, make sure that you are purchasing from one that is trusted and has a good reputation in selling remanufactured equipment.  One good company known for reselling quality exercise equipment is BigFitness.  They do not only sell used exercise equipment; they put all their used equipment in their “remanufacturing” process, making sure the machines are in the best of shape before putting them up for sale.

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