Chainsaw Rentals: To Buy or Not to Buy

Are you the type of person that has a lot of trees within your premises? Or, do you happen to live in a place where there are a lot of trees around your surrounding? If that is the case, then you may have had the need to use a chainsaw every now and then to cut off broken branches or even a tree stump that might be obstructing your right of way. In some cases, you might even find yourself clearing fallen branches after a storm in which you really have to use a chainsaw to make your work easier compared to that of using an Axe or a saw. Chainsaws are very useful power tools that literally cuts the amount of time you spend on clearing off such debris in half. They are very useful in the case that you want to process these branches that you have cut into firewood.

Chainsaw RentalMost people who live in areas that have an abundance of trees often have one or two chainsaws in their tool shack or in their garage. This is quite normal since communities that are situated within or around woodland areas are often confronted with frequent winds that break off tree branches or even uproot trees in which ever case it may be. It is only natural for them to always have a chainsaw around their house to use for such cases such as these. Often times, it is more of a necessity since it is always good to have a chainsaw lying around the house in case of any emergency that should be needing the use of these power cutters. People who live in these areas often buy chainsaws for personal use and it is considered as an essential part of their daily lives.

In other cases, there are those who seldom need to use a chainsaw, but not as often as usual as those who live in woodland areas. And in which case they rent a chainsaw for a certain time to use for such tasks like that of clearing hedges, trimming shrubs and pruning overgrowths, in which they do not need a chainsaw on a regular basis. Oftentimes, people who find the need to use chainsaws for menial cutting tasks, often buy electric chainsaws that are considerably less noisy than ordinary gas powered chainsaws, and prefer to use them since it is less noisy and does not emit stenchy gasoline fumes when using them.

Of course, there are some that prefer to rent chainsaws for other purposes as well. Small businesses that use rented chainsaws often find the convenience of not having to maintain these equipments since it will only add to the overhead cost of their operations. Another advantage of renting chainsaws is you can always expect that they are guaranteed to perform well as stated by the equipment rental business that assures that their chainsaws are in good working condition, and of ever that you would find to have gotten a faulty chainsaw, you can always refund your payment or be given a new one just to finish your task. As for equipment maintenance, you would not have to worry a single thing about it since rental businesses always make sure that the chainsaws that they rent out are in good working order.

To buy or not to buy, that is the question. If you find it a necessity to buy a gas powered or electric chainsaw for that matter, make sure you are buying one for the need of using it on a regular basis since chainsaws, electric or gas powered in whichever case it may be, would cost you around between $80 to $250 dollars. As stated, unless you will be using a chainsaw on a regular basis, the price that you will be paying should be a good investment since it will be a necessity around the house, and if not, you’ll be better off in renting one which will cost you around at an average rate of $25 dollars a day. This is considerably reasonable unless you prefer to hire an individual or a contractor to do a considerable amount of clearing out any overgrowths, which will cost you more.

If you plan on using a chainsaw for a frequency of 2 to 3 times a year, you’d be better off renting one instead of buying a chainsaw that will just gather dust in your garage or tool shed, and you may also want to consider that a chainsaw that is seldom used usually gets stocked up in which would be very difficult to start when you find the need to use it. Also, renting a chainsaw for whatever purpose that you may find the need to use it may set you back a few dollars of two but it gives you the convenience of never having to worry if you broke it or not as long as you follow the strict guideline of it’s use, and besides, you don’t even have to clean it when you take it back to where you rented it.

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