Dumbbell Exercises Guide

Using a dumbbell exercise chart is a great way to get into shape. Don’t worry about buying a whole dumbbell set that requires a rack and all, you can just get some adjustable dumbbells and you will be set.

Dumbbell Press for Shoulders

  • This is a great exercise to develop all parts of the shoulder.  The shoulder has three heads, the front deltoid, side delt and rear delt.
  • Start with the dumbbell weights in your hands at the side of your head.  Your arms(from shoulder to elbow) should be parallel to the ground.
  • Press the weights up above your head until your arms are straight.
  • Then return the weights down to the starting position.

Dumbbell ExercisesDumbbell Curls

  • Dumbbell curls are a great workout for biceps because free weights will allow you to hit each muscle individually.
  • Start with the weights at your side with arms straight.  Curl them up while not allowing your elbows to move forward.
  • Then slowly straighten your arm back down to your sides.  Do them at the same time until it is too hard and then you can do them one arm at a time.

Dumbbell Bench Press

  • Working out your chest with dumbbells is better than doing straight bar bench press for a few reason.  Dumbbell weights allow your shoulders to move in the range of motion that they are most comfortable with and they force the smaller stabilizer muscles to do more work which will give you a bigger chest.
  • Start with the weights just wider than your chest and push them up and together until they are touching above you with your arms straight.
  • Slowly lower them back down to chest level.  A chest workout routine with dumbbells will force you to use a little bit lighter weight but will produce better results in the pecs.

Dumbbell Rows

  • A dumbbell row works your back and is done one arm at a time.
  • Get a bench and put your right knee on the bench while bending over so that you support yourself with your right hand on the bench as well.
  • Keep your back straight and grab the dumbbell weight with you left hand.  Pull the weight up until it touches the chest and then allow it to slowly go back down until your arm is straight.

Dumbbell Fly

  • A Dumbbell fly will work your chest and can be done on a flat bench or incline.
  • Lay down and bring weights together above your chest with arms slightly bent and palms facing each other.
  • From this position all the weights to go out until you feel a good stretch in the chest and then return them back above your chest.

Dumbbell Deadlift

  • Dumbbell deadlifts are a great way to strengthen your legs because the weights can be at your sides instead of in front of you.
  • With feet shoulder width apart, bend down and grab the dumbbells while not allowing your back to bend.  Focus on a spot high on the wall in front of you and stand up.
  • After standing all the way up straight squat back down until the weights touch the floor and repeat.

Dumbbell Squats

  • A Dumbbell squat will work your legs really well.
  • Start with dumbbells at your side or up on your shoulders.
  • Squat down until your knee forms a 90 degree angle.  The knee will go forward a little bit but don’t allow it to go pass the toes.
  • Stand back up until your legs are straight.

Following the previous dumbbell routine you should be well on your way to forming a great body.  Always make sure to use vinyl dumbbells and look for powerblock dumbbells if you want a trusted brand.

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