Eliminate Dog Odor

How to prevent Doggy Odor in Your Car

One of the more unpleasant aspects of traveling with your dog in your car is doggy odor. In the confined space inside an automobile, doggy odor and become very unpleasant and can actually ruin a long car trip.

Doggy Odor can be much worse inside your car

Eliminate Dog OdorWhat can you do to eliminate doggy odor in your car? It depends on what is causing the odor. Dog odors have many contributing factors. One reason why your dog has a musty smell could be caused by a skin condition called atopy. Atopy is the inflammation of the skin that causes severe itching due to seasonal allergies or food allergies. This condition triggers an overproduction of sebum (oil on the surface of skin) by the inflamed skin. It gives the coat an oily feel and a musty, foul dog odor. In addition, bacteria that thrive in sebum also contribute to dog odors. Ask your veterinarian about severe doggy odors and then hope for the best because these kinds of dog health issues are often difficult to correct.

Is Doggy Bad Breath the problem?

Many dogs have bad breath, which augments the overall foul dog odors. Mouth odor is emanated from the stomach and esophagus. Chances are food is not being adequately digested, moving slowly through the digestive tract offsetting abnormal bacteria growth. The dog may need supplements that will aid with digestion, fortifying digestive enzymes to ensure they digest their food properly and thoroughly. When food is properly digested, all the nutrition in the food can be optimally utilized and bad breath should subside. The first thing to do is to make sure your dog is eating a balanced diet, that the dog is not overeating and that the dog is provided with biscuits or other hard food and chewing toys that help with clean teeth. It sometimes helps to feed your dog charcoal tablets to aid digestion and reduce bad breath.

Eliminating Doggy Odors inside the Car

Even if your dog has doggy odor, there are steps you can take to keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

The first idea is to get a dog car seat cover for your dog. Use a harness or leash to confine your dog to the car seat cover. This will not stop doggy odor but it is better to confine it to a dog car seat cover that you can remove from the car and periodically clean.

You can also vacuum the interior of your car at a car wash or gas station to remove dog hairs from car upholstery or car ceilings. If this doesn’t work completely you can buy a lint brush at the local variety store and keep it under your dog’s car seat to use to remove dog hair. Another variation of this method is put on rubber gloves; moisten with water and run you hand over the car upholstery to pick up dog hairs. Still another dog hair removal trick is to use masking tape to pick up the dog hair from the car seats.

There are numerous commercial cleaning and air fresheners you can buy, but if you want inexpensive odor remover, mix baking soda in water and saturate floor of the car just below the car seats. Let stand a few minutes, then blot with paper towels and allow to air dry. It actually works!

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