Elliptical Stride Length and Why It’s Important

Understanding elliptical stride length and why it’s important is crucial for a buyer to purchase the best possible elliptical trainer for their exercise needs. Like most exercise equipment, a wrong fitting machine not only makes it difficult to perform a workout but can also produce injuries on the user. Hence, a good fitting elliptical trainer is not a luxury but a necessity.Elliptical Stride Length

What is Stride Length?

Stride length is basically the longest distance between the pedals when the machine is in an elliptical motion. It varies from machine to machine and those who intend on buying an elliptical must check out this factor first before anything else.


A person’s leg length varies which means that whenever they walk or run the amount of space covered varies depending on the length of the leg. This is something that should be reflected on an elliptical stride length. To put it simply, if the stride length is too long, then shorter individuals would find it hard to stretch and stay on the pedal which could cause injuries in the long run. On the other hand, too short lengths would hardly be effective as an exercise as the user would hardly be exerting effort for movement.

Choosing Elliptical Stride Length

After understanding elliptical stride length and why it’s important, it’s time to learn how to choose the right elliptical to match one’s stride. The rules and measurements are pretty simple. Basically, those who have heights below 5’4 should opt got an elliptical trainer with a stride length of around 18 inches. Hence, those who are taller than 5’4 should start thinking about getting elliptical with a stride length longer than 18 inches. Typically, users with an average height would find a 20 inch stride length ideal for their body type. The rule here is that the taller a person is, the longer their stride length should be.

Of course, longer stride lengths basically mean higher prices. However, one shouldn’t try to save on cost by purchasing an inadequately sized stride length. Keep in mind that the length would be a big factor when it comes to the effectiveness of the exercise as well as the level of comfort one gets from the workout.

Opting for an Adjustable Stride Length Elliptical Trainer

For those who are expecting multiple users to utilize the elliptical trainer, it might be best to opt for an adjustable stride length for the equipment. This way, couples with varying heights can both make use of their elliptical trainer effectively.

Of course, keep in mind that knowing that understanding elliptical stride length shouldn’t sway a buyer from looking over other factors prior to purchase. For example, the incline and additional features attached to a particular elliptical trainer is every bit as important as its stride length. Additionally, the exercise equipment must be a recipient of outstanding reviews to ensure quality as well as the durability of the product. Make sure to browse around shops and consider various factors – including stride length – prior to any purchase.

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