Elliptical Trainer Workouts

Just like on any other fitness equipment, there are also workouts designed for use on the elliptical trainer.  This article will talk about elliptical trainer workouts which can maximize the use of elliptical trainers for exercisers.

Elliptical Trainer WorkoutsWhen setting your elliptical trainer workouts, you should first make sure that your exercising would not be time-pressured too much as elliptical training would go for as long as 20 minutes to give you max results.  When going on an elliptical training machine for the first time, you should take it easy as going for the heavy exercises immediately would cause your body to be strained too much.  Also, interval workout would probably the best workout program designed for use on the elliptical trainer.

An interval workout is a workout which increases the intensity of any workout.  This type of workout is effective in burning fats right off anyone’s body.  Anyone who loves to exercise is well on his way on achieving the best results for their body when they are on this stage.

Basically, an interval is alternating lower-intensity with high-intensity exercise within a single workout.  The best example would be doing exercise on an elliptical trainer.

To start of your workout on the elliptical trainer, it is best to start off with a quick warm up which would not last for more than a couple of minutes.  A good warm up is to do a light run on the elliptical trainer for just about two to five minutes at most using a light setting.  After doing so, gradually work your way up to high-intensity settings. Always follow high-intensity workouts with lower-intensity ones so that you can get good intervals in-between your workouts.

Elliptical trainers are great for those who want to build up their cardio. Workouts done on this machine are basically cardiovascular, meaning that it is best for improving the function of the heart and lungs and therefore blood circulation and metabolism, allowing for more calorie burning when exercising.

Elliptical trainers are also good for working up the leg muscles because of its faux-running motion which are smooth and easy to do.  You can either move your legs forward (good for the hamstrings and the bottom) or backwards (good for your calves and quads).  Going backwards however does not burn much calories as going forward often does.

Most of the elliptical trainers out in the market are equipped with moving handles.  Holding on to these handles would give your arms a good workout as well.  Doing so would also give you a total body workout since you would be working out your upper and lower extremities at the same time.

A core workout happens when you let go of the handles and balance yourself on the foot pedals.  This would make the workout focus on your core muscles (abs, lower, and mid back).  This would lead to stabilizing and strengthening the muscles during the workout.

The elliptical trainer has a variety of pre-programmed settings you can choose to add variety to your workout.  Adding variety to your elliptical trainer workouts will keep you from getting bored and would also condition the body better than by just sticking to old, familiar routines.

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