Flat Iron Guide

understanding-flat-ironHow much do you know about flat irons? Do you know how to properly use a flat iron to ensure that your hair looks and feels flawless? This is something that a lot of people have trouble doing and the reason is because they were never really taught the basics of using a flat iron. What you first need to understand is that using a flat iron is basically all about form and technique. What I mean by this is you don’t have to have a special secret in order to make your hair look professionally done and you definitely don’t need a $300 flat iron, all you need is the right technique.

Flat Iron Basics

Fluid motion is the key – If you want your hair to look professionally done then you need to make sure that every time you move the flat iron that you do so in a fluid motion. The reason why you need to do this is because every time you slow down or stop you will leave a crease or subtle line in your hair. Do yourself a favor and if you do happen to stop while in the middle of a strand then you should redo that strand to make sure it is done right.

Make sure the plates are hot – Something that a lot of people do is start straightening their hair before the flat iron is even ready for it. What you need to understand is that you must wait until the hot plates are at the temperature you set because if they are still warming up then your hair won’t look the same from one side to the other. Make sure you don’t forget this because this is one of the biggest reasons people mess up their hair.

Take your time – If you have ever been in a hurry when doing your hair then you knows that it never pays off. The reason why you can’t be in a hurry is because the faster you run a flat iron down your hair the less heat gets transferred to your hair which means your hair won’t actually be straight. If you want your hair to look its best then you need to make sure you leave enough time to properly straighten your hair without rushing the process. Just remember that looking good takes time, if it didn’t everybody would look like a model without even trying.

Hair Styling Tips With A Flat Iron

Hair Styling Tips With A Flat Iron

How much can you do with a flat iron? Did you know that you could style your hair in so many different ways with a flat iron that you probably only know of a few of them? What you need to understand is that a flat iron has so many different features to it and because of that you should not just straighten your hair, you should style it. What a lot of people do is get a flat iron with more versatility that way you are not limited as to what you can actually do.

Wet your hair – What you first need to do before you wet your hair and then use your flat iron is make sure that it will work if your hair is wet. The reason I bring this up is because some flat irons don’t work very well with wet hair and they will actually get ruined.

Once your hair is damp you need to apply a very small amount of hair gel to it so that your hair has a little bit of hold. What you are going for with damp hair and a small amount of gel is a shinier yet firmer look. The nice thing about this look is that it is perfect for summer days where you want to be outside but at the same time you don’t want your hair to get all messed up.

Brush your hair afterwards – This is not really a major tip for some people but for others it is. What you need to understand is that when you brush your hair you don’t just get the tangles out, you also get your hair to flow the way you want it to. My advice is to use a dry brush and brush your hair into place. The key here is to brush your hair into place, don’t move it with your hands. The reason why you want to brush it into place is because studies show that brushing your hair to the exact place it needs to be helps it stay better. I don’t know if this has something to do with the oil on your hands but what I do know is that it works every time I do it. Remember these couple hair style tips because these are two things that not a lot of people know and even less people do.

Using Your Flat Iron to Create Curls

Using Your Flat Iron to Create Curls

Did you know that even though you have a flat iron you can still create curls with it? This is something that a lot of people are not that familiar with and the fact of the matter is that creating curls with a flat iron is a great way to save money and start a new look. What a lot of people don’t like is the fact that they have the same look day after day but with a flat iron and especially one that can curl and flip your hair you will not have this problem any longer.

The best thing you can do to create curls is to get a flat iron that has a slight edge on the hot plate such as the Karmin G3 Salon Pro. The nice thing about having a slight edge is that you can flip and curl your hair without having to warm up a curling iron and have to change between the two. What you need to understand is that having a very versatile flat iron is going to be a huge benefit to you and that is exactly why you need to get one. Just remember that even though this is going to save you some money it is probably going to cost you a little bit more to get one because they are very high in demand.

Another thing you need to know about using a flat iron to curl your hair is that you must understand how to properly curl your hair before you try doing the entire thing for the first time. The reason why you need to know somewhat how to do it is because too many people don’t know that you have to roll your hair as opposed to twist it like you would with a curling iron. This is mostly because a flat iron will flatten out your hair and if you are not careful your hair will look really square and have a lot of dents in it. My advice is to first practice on your hair before you get in the shower just to see how it comes out and if you want to keep doing it. The thing you have to understand about flat irons and curling your hair is that this is not what they were initially made for and because of that people still don’t understand that the techniques between the curling iron and the flat iron are pretty different.

Tips to Use Flat Iron the Professional Way

Use Flat Iron the Professional Way

Straightening iron in itself is made to remove any ugly frizz and kinks on women’s hair. So when you find that the straightness of your hair doesn’t last for long, it’s not really the fault of the iron. To achieve such a long lasting effect, you have to exert some more effort on your end. Preparing the hair with thermal styling product is the least you can do. Not only will it help keep the desired effect, but also it can protect your hair against damage caused by excessive heat. Also, never try to iron your hair while it’s still wet. It’s the best way to burn your hair.

If your hair is too thick and very unruly, it’s a good thing to divide it into several sections using clip. That way, you can apply the iron to the entire hair efficiently. Pay attention to how fast you glide the iron over your hair as well. Don’t do it too fast that you end up letting a good deal of hair pass but don’t do it too slowly that you end up having a very badly burned hair. Many hairstylists suggest that you keep it approximately at 1 second per inch of hair. To prevent hair fall during thermal treatment, you can wash your hair the night before and let it dry on its own. Many believe that hair gain its natural strength when not dried using hair dryer. Finally, wearing protective glove is never a bad idea because there is always chance you touch the iron by accident.

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