Glass Electric Tea Kettle Buyer’s Guide

Whether talking of large or small, electrical tea kettles are more practical than the kettles, which have to be heated on the stove. In addition, they are pretty, stylish and gives a perfect touch of fashion to any kitchen. Nevertheless, having the right cordless electric tea kettle makes more sense. Above all, using a glass electric tea kettle makes the whole difference.

Glass Electric Tea Kettle guideThere are several factors which determine whether a glass tea kettle is worth purchasing or not:

  • Price
  • Ease of use
  • Durability
  • Measurement
  • Size
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Manual and customer service
  • Warranty


Normal electric kettles range from $20-180. Nevertheless, with glass types, this price may be a bit higher. Giving a careful examination on the quality of glass and reading reviews about the different brands and types, one can choose a small electric tea kettle from the lower-end of the price scale, but one that will last for a long time and offer the best service.

Ease of use

Several things determine whether a glass electric tea kettle will be easy to use or not. One can lift the kettle up to get a rough estimation of weight. Some kettles can weight as much as 2 pounds without tea in them. Remember that glass kettles must be handled with a lot of care ensuring that the glass does not break.

It is better for the buyer to opt for a kettle that has an automatic shut off. If not, the buyer should opt those with a bell. This helps in ensuring that your tea does not over boil when the person is not near or is busy attending other chores while ensuring maximum safety in the kitchen.

Measurement Markings

The buyer also needs to decide if the measurement markings of the kettle are necessary or not. Some electric tea kettles have metric measurement while others have standard USA measurements, and others both.

Size Of The Glass Electric Tea Kettle

Depending on the intended use, some may be using it for office or bigger family serving while others need it for individual or small family use. The intended use determines the size of glass tea kettle to buy. Most range from 1.2 quarts-1.75 Quarts.

Ease of Cleaning

The most important item to consider is whether or not your preferred glass kettle will be easy to clean. Some kettles have a small opening which hinders one to put his or her hand into it to clean the elements on the bottom. Large top openings make glass tea kettle easier to clean.

Manual and Customer Service

One should look for a model that has a manual, which explains how to use the item and if possible include pictures. The buyer can also test the quality of customer care by calling them to see how long it takes before they can get to them. This way the buyer will know if the customer care can help them in time of need or not.


For regular buyers of electric tea kettles always check for those with special features. Finally, a warranty guarantees the buyer that in case of anything happening to the kettle, they can get it back for a replacement. Hence, always buyers should get tea kettles from dealers who are committed to quality and gives a warranty for their products.

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