Hiking Boot Shopping Tips

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Online Shopping Tips

  • Try to purchase your hiking boots or shoes from a store or brand that you have worn and liked before. This is a recommended step because most mountain boot companies will have one consistent foot model, so their footwear will probably fit and satisfy you.
  • Most well-known companies will not mind sending you 3-4 pairs of mountaineering shoes so that you can try out and select the best one. Therefore, consider three options in the range of boots you’re looking at and select the one which is most comfortable and perfect for your hiking trip.
  • Being an online shopper doesn’t necessarily mean that you should compromise on the quality or comfort of your new shoe. Therefore, when your rock climbing boot is shipped to you, make sure you wear it in a clean area and climb stairs and other high places to be sure that the shoe is right for you.
  • Finally, whether you are shopping online or buying a pair of hiking boots from an actual shop, you to know your size. Measure your foot length, in inches or centimeters, and use the online sizing chart found on the REI website to know your exact size.
  • Prepare for your store shopping by deciding on the pair of mountaineering shoes that you will need for your trip. Devote some extra time for selecting the boot and, if possible, try visiting the store during mornings, midafternoons and weekdays when it is quieter. Also, if you like to wear socks or any other orthotics along with the hiking boot, be sure to bring it along or you may regret your decision once you wear it at home
  • Talk to the REI sales specialist as this professional will be able to tell you about the perfect hiking boot for you. These specialists will probably ask you about the number of times that you have gone hiking, the location or terrain where you will be hiking, the weather you will be expecting and other such questions. Answer truthfully and try not to boast so that you can get the perfect footwear.
  • Try on three potentially suitable pairs of boots and then choose the best option. Pay attention to things such as the sides, heels, and durability. Also, remember to spend some time in each boot you try on and walk around in it for as long as you can. Keep in mind that if the hiking boots pinch or feel uncomfortable in anyway, you should be considering other options. Moreover, if you return home and feel that the boot is not good for you, you can always return or exchange it as this policy is followed by most reputable stores.

Store Shopping Tips

So, before you head on to your next mountaineering or hiking adventure, be sure to consult this ultimate guide to get the perfect shoe for your trip. After all, the process of selecting a the best hiking boot should not be taken lightly because you may regret rushing into the process once you’re actually on the terrain.

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We made this so it should be easier for you to find the best hiking boots or mountaineering boots that best fits your criteria.

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