How Do Shredding Machines Work?

Paper shredders are very common in corporate offices and even in homes. Nowadays, the general public has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to shredding machines. In order to choose the perfect shredding machines, you have to understand how each of them work. This way you can be at ease when disposing sensitive or personal information. You also need to keep in mind the government regulations with which you should dispose legal or confidential documents.

how-do-shredding-machines-workShredders used in a domestic environment have a rather specific manner of cutting; it is either horizontal or vertical. It allows a basic disposal method where personal information are generally safe from theft and duplication yet putting the pieces back together is somewhat possible since the shredding machine cuts them into uniform strips.

Commercial shredding machines are more intricate in their shredding operations. They possess blades that allow documents to be cut in both horizontal and vertical direction. It is more difficult and tricky to put back a document shredded by commercial machines. Moreover, they also have the capacity to shred large quantities of papers fit for a corporate setup.

One issue with commercial paper shredders is that they are very expensive, mostly meant for bulk shredding and are big in size, which take up a lot of space. Also, when you shred large quantities, they take up a lot of time. These shredding machines have the capacity to shred confidential documents into very intricate pieces, so it is almost impossible to put the pieces back together. This makes them a perfect disposal solution for some very private and classified records.

There is yet another kind of paper shredder that is used at an industrial level. These shredding machines are highly powerful and very efficient in shredding large number of documents in a small span of time. This type of device is mostly used by large document shredding establishments. The blades used in these devices are sharp, pristine and precise in their task. Unlike the domestic and commercial shredders that cut paper into strips, these shredders tear documents into confetti-like pieces. The pieces are so small that the document is impractical to put back together. This is of course the most secure way of disposing legal and secret files.

Shredding machines come in all sizes and shapes, each meant for different levels of use and need. They vary from being a basic paper cutter to industrial shredders, each offering their own level of security and efficiency. The most secure of them are the industrial ones and wastes from the industrial shredders are often recycled. What were once documents of great importance are shredded into confetti, they are further ground into finer pieces and sent to be recycled.

Now that we have seen the different varieties of paper shredders and the efficiency they offer, you can now make a better choice and a smarter decision when it comes to choosing a machine that would suit you best.

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