How Much Calories Burned Walking One Mile?

How Much Calories Burned Walking One MileCalories burned walking one mile is one of the easiest and most effective cardiovascular workout that helps to lose weight. There are many ways of walking and losing weight. For example, walking the dog, going up the stairs for five minutes, taking a stroll in the evening, and other many other forms. One does not burn as much calories on a one mile walk as they would if they were running, jogging or ridding a bike. Even so, one should consider walking more as it is an excellent way to lose weight on a long-term basis as it has a lower risk of injury. One can walk thousands of miles for many years on a routine basis and achieve results that last for a lifetime. Calories burned walking for a mile depends on several factors.

The heavier the person the more calories will burn in walking. This is because the amount of mass they will move, is greater than that of a person who weighs less. Greater effort is used to move the extra pounds, thus increasing the metabolism rate and stimulating weight loss. If one weighs 50 lbs, then they should be able to burn approximately 90 calories in one mile and if they weight 200 lbs, they should be able to burn 120 calories.

In order to burn body fat, one has to walk at a pace that increases their heart beat and be able to maintain it for at least 20 minutes. To be able to calculate the heart rate, one should take the average heartbeats per minute and subtract their age. For women it is 226 and for men it is 220. More weight is lost while walking faster that when walking at a relaxed speed. Slow walking at 3 mph which can be compared to the pace of walking a dog, burns approximately 225 calories in an hour which totals to 75 calories per mile. Increasing the speed and walking at 4 mph burns 340 calories in an hour which is equivalent to 85 calories in one mile. Walking at a speed of 5 mph burns 544 calories or 109 calories while covering the same distance.

The fitter one is the more fat they burn, because they have more muscles. Men tend to lose more weight compared to women because men have a greater muscle mass compared to the percentage of the fat in their body. This makes them have a higher basal metabolic rate compared to women. Men burn more calories walking for one mile with the same intensity compared to women. The more muscles one builds, the more lean muscles one gains and the more metabolically active the muscle cells becomes thus lose more weight is lost.

One should not walk on a flat surface continuously if, they intend to lose weight effectively. By including other routines like stairs and hill climbing the more calories one can burn. 272 calories are burned while climbing stairs in 30 minutes and while walking up a hill one burns 78 more calories than when walking on a flat ground.

By walking more and reducing the amount of calories in ones diet, one will lose weight faster an be able to maintain the results – track it with a Pedometer.

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