How to Choose an Electric Shavers for Women

Whether it’s for shaving hairs on the legs, arms or bikini area, women are obviously known as the highest users of the best electric shavers given to the reason that women pay closer attention to their body health than men. For this reason, manufacturers of electric shavers have taken the women into consideration to make electric shavers specially designed for women.


In choosing a method that you can use to get rid of the unwanted hairs in some parts of your body, you need to consider the best method that would be of great benefits to you, this automatically means that you have to consider some things and these things include:

Wet or Dry Shave

Most shavers are able to be used only on dry conditions, that is shaving the area when it is dry and without moisture but these days, electric shavers are able to be used both in dry or wet conditions.  This implies that you can do your shaving even while you are in the shower. And also electric shavers that can be used in wet condition makes keeping it clean very easy because you can easily washing off the hair compartment. Finally wet or dry electric shavers give you the option of the best suitable condition for you.

Bikini Trimmer

This is one thing that men’s electric shavers do not have because men do not really pay close attention to it, but to the females, it is of great importance. So in getting electric shavers for women, you have to make sure you get bikini trimmers which can shave those areas that normal shave blades cannot reach which only electric shavers with bikini trimmer can shave

Clean Close Smooth Shave

It is now known that electric shavers can give a better clean, close and smooth more than other methods of shaving like cream, epilators and the rest but for it to be able to do that the electric shaver must rotate upto 10,000 times per minute, this called rotation per minute (RPM). This is the ability of the shaver in order to get a closer shave, the higher the rotation, the closer and smoother shave it would give.


For easy carriage and usage, you need to look out for portable electric shavers. In choosing electric shavers for women, this is of utmost importance, this mainly because of the habit of carrying their kits wherever they go and so do not require heavy items in their bags. For this reason, electric shaver for women manufacturers have produced light weight and very easy to carry electric shavers.


This is not so very important, but I would like to clear some air in respect to choosing an electric shaver for women. Many make the mistake in thinking that the best electric shavers must be the most expensive, it is not about the price tag on the electric shaver but about specifications and what the electric shaver can achieve for you. So, price should be the least things in your order of priority in choosing the best one, having said that, the price range for the them is between $150-$350, which is still very reasonable because this is something you can use more than six months If you choose to.

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