How to Choose Automatic Dog Feeding Bowls

Having a pet in the home can really be a joyful experience but at the same time it requires a lot of responsibility. With such a busy schedule though, it can be rather easy to be forgetful when it comes to tasks like feeding your pet. Fortunately, there is a solution that is readily available and that is by using automatic dog feeding bowls as these devices will help to automate this task.

Benefits of the automatic dog feeder

How to Choose Automatic Dog Feeding BowlsAll you need to do is simply put everything together, program the device and it will literally be working in a few minutes. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy by using these automatic dog feeders is that they can be programmed to dispense food exactly when you want it to. Now you do not have to worry about whether your pet has eaten as it will be automated. This is extremely useful for obvious reasons as you can now focus on giving your pet the attention he deserves.

In addition, the automatic dog feeding bowls can also be used to deliver exactly the right portion which can help to prevent animal obesity. In fact, this is a growing problem these days as people are simply using gravity feeders which are a big mistake. Enabling your dog to eat whenever they want to will only cause them to eat more than necessary which will cause them to gain weight.

This is also another reason why using an automatic pet food dispenser is more beneficial than most people realize. Choosing the right one can be rather tedious if you think about how many different types you can choose from. Fortunately, the following tips will help you to choose the perfect automated dog feeding bowl that meets your needs.

Depending on what kind of food your pet eats, the kind of model you purchase will depend on that factor. However, there are some feeders that allow for wet food and there are some that even allow you to use ice packs. Keep in mind though that these usually only last a day or two.

Tips to choosing the right feeder

Portion control features is definitely a must even if it means paying a little extra for it. As mentioned earlier, controlling how much your dog eats is very important as the last thing you would want is for your pet to come down with health problems. Having a container that is able to hold a lot of food is also important. If you plan to take a vacation for a few days then there needs to be adequate food in the dispenser so that your pet has meals for the days that you are gone.

One of the biggest problems with a timed dog food dispenser is that most are not built to be ant or roach proof which may be a problem especially if your home is insect infested. If this is the case, then you may need to make improvements to your home as you definitely would not want insects eating food that is meant for your pet.

How many pets are in the home?

Other factors to consider when it comes to how to choose automatic dog feeding bowls is you want to consider how many pets will actually be fed. If one dominant pet hogs all the food, then you may want to consider owning two of these automatic feeders so that everyone gets a good meal. Portion sizes are also important as most feeders are able to accommodate 1/4 to 2 cups of food. If you need more though, then be sure to choose accordingly.

When it comes to purchasing an automatic dog food dispenser you definitely want to choose from a quality name brand one that is trusted by others. The reason is because you will be using this device for many years so solid construction is a must. In addition, it should also come with a removable bowl that allows for easy cleaning.

Additional features to look for

If the feeder is battery powered, then it must come with some type of indicator letting you know when there is no battery left. One feature that you may want to look for is an optional power from an AC adapter so that you do not have to rely on the battery. Some brands that you can consider choosing a timed dog food dispenser from include Petmate, Ergo and Pillar. Just be sure that you read reviews online before deciding on a programmable dog feeder to buy as you definitely want to get good value for your money.

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