How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets

Bathrooms in homes had always been treated as left over and forgotten spaces. The home owner wanting to get the best out of available space for living areas would often try to squeeze in as much as possible from the bathroom. Things however are changing now with an increasing number of people looking at bathrooms as spaces to relax. This has led to increase in size of the bathrooms as well as a demand for furniture for the space. The furniture which is popular for bath spaces includes armchairs, recliners, bathroom cabinets etc. While the first two can be used only in big bathrooms which spell luxury, bathroom cabinets are most practical.

Bathroom Wall Cabinet

They are functional and used for organizing and storing bath accessories which make them ideal even for small spaces. In fact in small bathrooms, they are more important as space savers. More and more designers are experimenting with materials and finishes for bathroom cabinets as a result there is a large variety available for home owners to choose from.

Types of bathroom cabinet

There are two kinds of storage units available for bathrooms. One can be hung on the wall and other can be free standing. The reasons for choosing one over the other are purely on the basis of factors like space in the bathroom, usage and budget.

In a small space, the aim is always to find ways to utilize the limited space in multiple ways. The wall mounted cabinet is ideal for a small bathroom. It can be placed over the sink and the mirror placed on top of it. There are many variations in these so as far as internal shelving is concerned so there will always be an option that fits the needs perfectly or there are also those where the shelving is flexible. In fact for small spaces, corner wall hung bathroom cabinets are ideal. It is true that wall hung cabinets are small and might not be able to accommodate all the bathroom supplies but they do contribute in a great deal towards an organized bathroom.

For a big bathroom, it is advisable to go in for a free standing cabinet. These can have open shelves or they can have shutters – the choice is purely personal. The design can be chosen such that it can accommodate everything from a full length mirror to extra towels and bath supplies.

Customizing the bathroom cabinet

Despite so many variations available, there will always be people who will not be able to find the perfect storage solution for their bathrooms. For such people, it is best to go in for customized solution. Cabinet making is an old art and there are many who still practice it. Though customizing bathroom cabinets is a little high on the budget for obvious reasons but the advantages that it gives makes it worth the expense. Bathroom cabinet makers can not only customize the size and the storage space but also design the external look to match with the rest of the bathroom.

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