How to Clean Dog Urine

Dog urine is a special problem. You want to clean it up and remove all stains but it is important to remember that you must also eliminate all urine odors. Dogs use urine to market their territories and if they smell urine on a spot, it is their inclination to urinate on the same spot. Dogs do this because of their instinct, not spite. But either way it is up to you to do a fast and thorough clean.

Dog Urine Clean up

How to Clean Dog UrineFirst, soak up urine with a white towel or paper towels. Blot dry, don’t rub. Rubbing can damage carpet fibers. Start cleaning for the outside of the stain ring and work your way inward. Completely rinse the area with water to dilute the urine. Blot again using clean towels or fresh paper towels. If you have any club soda available, that is even better. Absorb the remaining liquid by dabbing hard, putting pressure on towels. Or speed things up by using a wet/dry vacuum.

Use a commercial urine-removal cleaner/neutralizer. Ask your veterinarian or pet shop for recommendations. If available, pick one that contains nontoxic enzymes or safe bacteria that naturally absorbs the urine residue.

One alternative is to cover dog urine accidents with baking soda, let it stand for at least two hours, then vacuum. Proceed with other steps above as needed.

In cleaning up urine stains remember that liquid messes seep downward and outward so always begin working the area from the outside in..

If you are able to pull up the floor carpet, clean the area below the carpeting to remove all traces of urine. Otherwise the dog will smell the urine – even though you don’t—and will likely urinate on the same spot.

If spot cleaning results in the surrounding area looking dingy in comparison, use a steam vacuum to clean the entire carpet area.

If a urine stain reappears on the surface of the carpet a few days later, dilute the stain with water and clean again. Steam-cleaning can be a last resort.

Commercial cleaners usually advise that you test a carpet’s color fastness before applying a product to clean a spot. You do this on your floor car carpeting by applying a small amount on a hidden part of the carpet, then wait 24 hours to see if the carpet has changed color. Of course, when it comes to urine stains, you don’t want to delay cleaning up. But you can test cleaning products in advance so that when you need them, you know they will work.

Protect your Car with a Dog Car Seat Cover

If your dog is accident-prone in the car you might consider a dog car seat cover that protects upholstery and floor carpeting. It is much easier and less expensive in the long run to remove and clean the dog car seat cover than it is to clean or replace upholster or car floor carpeting. Amazon has a full selection of dog car seat covers and other products to protect your car.

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