How to Make Sure Your Baby Carrier is Safe

A baby carrier can be the best investment you’ll ever make for you and your baby, but there are a few things you need to know to make sure that you are using it safely. Once you know these details you’ll be able to enjoy the luxury of carrying your baby without worry.

How to Make Sure Your Baby Carrier is SafeHere are the most important things you need to learn about keeping your baby safe in a baby carrier.

1. Did you buy it used?

If you did, you’ll have to make sure that you find out who the manufacturer is and when it was made. There have been a few recalls on baby carriers in the past and you’ll have to check whether your carrier was one of them. You can get more information on government sites about these recalls and whether they apply to the carrier you are currently using. If you have any doubt at all about it, call up the manufacturer to get more details. If you haven’t purchased one yet, you are better off buying a new one than taking a chance on something used.

2. Inspect your carrier regularly

One of the biggest causes of baby injuries from a carrier is due to it being worn out. You need to check the one you are using frequently to make sure it doesn’t show any signs of wear and tear. If it does, it’s time to replace it!

3. Make sure you are using it properly

Any baby sling, carrier or wrap should come with a complete set of instructions. You’ll have to take the time to read through them thoroughly to a full understanding. Again, if there is anything that you can’t grasp in the literature, call the manufacturer for clarification.

One of the things that should be mentioned in the instruction manual is to always have the baby in a position where you can see it’s nose and mouth, to make sure that are free of obstructions. A baby can smother in a baby carrier if it doesn’t have enough ventilation.

With regular inspections and proper use a baby carrier is a connection between you and your baby that is truly invaluable. Nothing can compare to the joy and intimacy that a baby wrap, sling or carrier can bring. They are much easier to use than a heavy stroller and some child experts believe that a baby carried in such a way has a better chance of proper development.

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