Indestructible & Chew Proof Dog Bed Guide

If you are the owner of a dog who is fond of ripping his bed apart, then you need to have this type of bed. There are times when even chew toys aren’t enough to distract your dog from chomping down his bed; hence, it’s prudent to consider going for beds designed to be chew proof.

Indestructible Chew Proof Dog Beds GuideEven if most dog beds are made of materials that are safe for dogs to ingest, it doesn’t follow that they are intended for digestion. Your dog may eat the material and stuffing and may end up vomiting the contents later. Even if he won’t vomit, the material will make him full, making him less likely to fill up on the healthy food he needs. But with chew proof dog beds, chances of him swallowing it are nearly impossible.

As far as materials are concerned, that of chew proof dog beds is much sturdier. The most common material used is high thread nylon. These beds are typically coated in a dog-safe durable water repellent finish so dog spills, urine and saliva won’t stain the bed. This is good news for you because this means that these beds are typically safe to take outdoors and are easy to clean simply by wiping down the surface of the bed.

Yes, chew proof dog beds are a bit more costly than that of a typical dog bed but you’ll find this additional investment worth it in the long run. It’s inevitable that dogs who chew their beds destroy the cheaper models, sometimes even as little as a few days. This means you would have to replace the cheap models every few days or weeks, which results into you spending even more than what you would have if you had opted for the chew proof dog bed in the first place.

So be wise and visualize the long term effects of your decision. Opt for the bed that may be a little more expensive now but can last definitely last longer than the cheaper one.

What to look for in the best indestructible or chew proof dog bed

For sure, you consider your dog to be a family member of your household; hence, he needs a comfortable place to sleep. Unfortunately, some dogs do have the tendency of turning things at home into chew toys. As a result, you, as a pet owner, end up spending too much cash to replace the dog beds that have been ripped to shreds by those sharp teeth. Thus, it’s perfectly logical for you to invest in a long-lasting chew resistant bed for your canine friend.

When selecting a dog bed, take into consideration the needs and situation of your pet and family. For a persistent chewer, the indestructible Kuranda could be just what you need. Kuranda chew proof dog beds are raised above the ground and constructed with either steel or lightweight frames as well as a chew proof Cordura and a heavy metal vinyl fabric. This setup allows your dog to chew to his heart’s content. With the Kuranda name, no worries at all because these beds are built to last, backed by a solid money back guarantee and especially designed for a heavy-duty chewer.

If you’re trying to decide if the chew proof bed is right for your dog and family at that, note that these beds typically comes in a few select styles and may require extra accessories like fleece pads so your pet remains cozy through the winter season.

Puppies, older dogs and dogs with health conditions such as arthritis may most likely find it hard to get on and off from raised beds. In such a case, the line of K-9 Ballistics may be a better alternative as this is made in a more traditional pillow style dog bed. Round or rectangular in shape, there are several colors to choose from. Constructed with the use of a strong 1680 Denier fabric, it gives dog great durability to resist occasional “medium-duty” chewing.

If you’re on a budget, the Coolaroo bed is friendlier to the wallet. Whether steel or aluminum-framed, these beds are made with a high-density polyethalene fabric. Although very durable, do note that these are not as tough as the K-9 Ballistics nor do they come with a guarantee like the Kuranda. It’s good though for the occasional “light-duty” chewer.

So in conclusion, if your 4-legged friend is a chewer, be wise enough to ingest in a chew proof dog bed. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than the regular, typical dog bed but in the end, its durability will enable you to save more in the long run.

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