Indoor Rowing Machines Guide

It is a known fact that rowing is one of the best exercises you can use to develop aerobic fitness. When working with rowing machines or rowing ergo meters you develop your cardiovascular system and also your muscular systems.

Compared to other machines like treadmills, stair climbing equipment and exercise bikes, a rowing machine exercises both your upper and lower body. The dynamic rowing stroke when an indoor rower is utilized is composed of sixty to seventy percent leg work and thirty to forty percent upper body work.

Indoor Rowing Machine Guide

While using an indoor rowing machine you are getting a full body aerobic workout with just one machine. Indoor rowers are much more comfortable to use. Your repetitive motion movement sends a demand signal to all the muscles groups to come along. Absolutely no trauma is placed every time your row because every body part is involved.

Just looking for the best rowing machines for you?  There are many options available. There are four distinct types of indoor rowers: piston or cylinder based rowing machines, flywheel rowers, magnetic resistance indoor rowers, and Water Rowers.

Your search for the best rowing machines will reveal there many options available. The four basic types of indoor rowers are:

  • Flywheel rowers
  • Magnetic resistance indoor rowers
  • Water rowers
  • Cylinder based rowing machines

When using the flywheel rowing machine for exercise you get the same feeling as with an outdoor rowing machine. The exercise receives its resistance from the pulling motion, which spins a flywheel with fan blades attached. Most of the resistance is provided by the wind. To ratchet up the resistance of a flywheel rowing machine, you just have to pull harder. This makes the flywheel move faster, thereby providing a greater wind resistance from the fan blades.

When compared to cylinder or other hydraulic based rowing machines, air rowing machines provide a more complete natural, continuous, and smoother rowing stroke. One of the most popular flywheel air rowing machine is the Concept II rower. You can find this rower at health clubs, corporate fitness centers, and rehabilitation clinics as well. The rower is popular for health, fitness and rehabilitation purposes.

A magnetic resistance fitness rowing machine is known for being virtually silent, while providing a completely smooth rowing stroke.  Compared to the flywheel based indoor rowers which receives its resistance from the wind, magnetic rowing machines uses a magnetic brake system. One of the main aspects of using a magnetic rowing machines is that is doesn’t product much sound at all.

Water Rower is simply if you enjoy and participate in outdoor rowing. The Water Rowers flywheel receives its resistance by overcoming the effects of drag as water moves past the tank. This outdoor rower is also virtually silent when in use, since all you hear is the swishing of the water while using this rowing machine.

Most Water Rower machines are constructed with a wooden frame, but you do have the commercial Water Rower which is sporting a metal frame. One the best model of water based rowing machine is the First Degree Fitness Fluid Rowing Machine.

If you are short of space, then the hydraulic rowing machine may be the best way to go. It will also be your best choice if you’re on a tight budget and you want an economical indoor rower. All hydraulic rowing machines receive its tension from the amount of air or fluid that’s compressed with a cylinder or piston.

Although hydraulic based indoor rowers are low-cost, they differ from air, magnetic and water rowers because the rowing machine technique will not allow you to pull in a straight line. Most hydraulic piston based rowers require you be placed in an exercise position that does not allow you to perform a natural rowing motion. Just because of this, you are unable to naturally synchronize your arm and leg movements together.

As you contemplate what type of rowing machine to buy, do remember that rowing machines will provide you the best opportunity to develop your aerobic fitness and also build a healthy heart.

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