Island Range Hoods

Island Range HoodsWhen designing a great kitchen, many people are going the route of having an island as the focal point of the kitchen.  Often the island is the hub of activity, whether it is for food preparation, gathering or even cooking.  With more people designing the rangetop into the island, there is often the problem of how to incorporate an island range hood into the design.

If you are looking for ways to remove yourself from staring at the wall while standing at the stove, having an island cooktop is a great way to do so.  This allows you to cook while socializing or watching other aspects of your kitchen easily.  There are a couple of aspects that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to the traditional range hood that will affect your island design.

The first consideration is how to accomplish the ventilation that you need?  There are ventilation systems that pop up from behind the cooktop that perform well and when you are completed with your cooking, you can lower them out of sight.  These work well, however they don’t provide great ventilation and can be rather noisy.  These are known as downdraft exhaust fans or also as range downdraft hoods.

While downdraft hoods are not newcomers to the market, they do work well in some kitchen designs.  If you are afraid of having the traditional island hood over your cook top that could block your view or take away from other visual aspects of your kitchen, then this should be a serious consideration for your design.

While the island range hood can be easily built into your design, there are numerous options as far as the visual appeal that you are seeking that can easily be accomplished.  If you are wanting a custom woodworking range hood look, you can find that easily.  Stainless steel, clear glass and copper are also popular options in designing hood systems.

One of the more important aspects that a traditionally mounted hood would normally have is the internal ventilation.  Ductless range hoods are popular because of the ease of installation.  Most island hoods would require having and externally vented duct line that will take the air to the outside of the home.  This can cause an added expense to a kitchen remodeling job, however during new construction it shouldn’t be to much more to incorporate the hood into your kitchen.

As you can see there are many different options that can go into your island range hood. Using a kitchen or interior designer to help you select the look you want will greatly increase your selection. However, many people can’t afford those services. Checking with your builder or cabinet supply company will often lead to a wealth of resources and information to help you make the right decisions for your design.

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