Olympic Exercises for Your Olympic Weight Set

If you’ve invested in an Olympic weight set and want to make the most of it, why not do some Olympic weight training exercises? Don’t worry. You won’t need to lift 1000 pounds. Many people pass on learning Olympic training exercises because they confuse Olympic weight lifting, which has two events: the snatch and the clean jerk; with power lifting, which has three events: bench presses, squats, and dead lifts.

Olympic Exercises for Your Olympic Weight SetThe truth is Olympic weight training is really beneficial to anyone, and it can help build strength and endurance, which is good for athletic performance. With a consistent routine, you are likely to be able to strengthen major muscle groups and joints. Who knows? You may even be able to join Olympic weight lifting events!

Before starting any Olympic weight training, be sure that you have at least 12 weeks of conditional strength training, which helps you build a significant strength base. If you’ve already been weight lifting or strength training for some time before starting your Olympic training, then you won’t need to worry. However, for absolute beginners, the 12 weeks or 3 months of conditional training are needed because the Olympic routines involve the execution of complex movements, which require the co-contraction of several muscle groups in the correct sequence. Without getting your body used to weight lifting in the first place, there’s a good chance that you will injure yourself.

Speaking of “the correct sequence” it is important to note that technique is absolutely essential when Olympic weight lifting, or when lifting weights of any sort for that matter. If your technique is off, you risk injury. So be sure that your coordination and technique are perfect before you start to progress or add weights to your dumbells. One way you can make sure you have good technique is to hire a strength training coach. She/he will help you execute the exercises properly. Alternatively (if a coach is too expensive), you can watch videos which demonstrate proper technique online and learn from there.

Remember to set your goals. Are you doing this training to enhance your athletic performance? Or are you planning on joining some Olympic type contests? Work towards those goals and tailor your workout accordingly. Also remember that if you are lifting something very heavy, you should always ask a friend to spot you.

Even if Olympic exercises can be good for athletes, not all sports will benefit from these specific training exercises. This doesn’t mean your Olympic weight set is useless. They’re still weights, and plenty of other weight training and strength training exercises can be done to help you build muscle and endurance for your sport.

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