Choosing Between Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Unit

Two of the most popular air conditioning units today are the window air conditioner and the portable air conditioner. In comparing the two, there are a few notable differences that will help you better in choosing what type of air conditioning unit is the most suitable for your home, apartment, or office. Portable air conditioner versus a window unit, what are the difference?

Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Unit

Portable Air Conditioner vs Window Air Conditioner

The portable air conditioning unit is most popular for its portability. Designed with caster wheels to support the machine, you can actually roll in around the house of apartment to always be relieved of the unbearable heat. Its small size also is perfect for smaller apartments of houses, or if you don’t have any place to mount one in. It is also known for its convenience not only for its size but also for its easy and non-permanent installation, unlike a window unit air conditioner. That also means no further installation costs because you can install it within a zap. Plus, most portable air conditioners built with additional features such as dehumidifier, an electric resistance heater, air purifier, among others. This enables portable air conditioners to adapt to the kind of situation or climate you are in. This way, you are able to make greater worth for your money.

On the other hand, window unit air conditioners also have their advantages. They are relatively inexpensive unlike other larger types, and also easy to install although they are only confined in a window. Also, with the hot side of the unit being outside of the window, any noise coming from the motor is outside so you will not be bothered by it nor your activities may be affected. Also, the condensed water drips on the outside so there is no problem of overflowing of internal tanks or bucket-and-pan system. It is also very easy and straight-forward to operate so setting your desired temperatures, per room or area, is very easy.

Overall, in choosing the right air conditioner for you, there are a lot of key factors to reconsider such as the size of your place or the climate in your area. For example, if you’re place does not allow you to punch a hole in your wall, such as a rented apartment, then it is more suitable to use portable air conditioner. Or if you don’t have any place to put another box in your room, then it is best to just mount a window unit air conditioner to your wall. You have to consider first these things in order for you to choose the perfect air conditioner that is worth your money and time!

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