Removing Dog Car Stains

Removing Dog Car StainsIf you travel with your dog, even if you use a well designed dog car seat cover, you will occasionally have to deal with stains from your dog. This article provides some handy tips for dealing with dog stains in your car.

Dog Blood Stains in your Car

Dogs paws have many blood vessels and injuries to the pad of the foot can result in profuse bleeding. If you can’t stop the bleeding by pressure you should take the dog to the vet or at least call the vet for advice. But if your dog has been bleeding in your car, you will want to remove the stain.

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best ways to remove blood stains. You can buy hydrogen peroxide at any drugstore. Apply the hydrogen peroxide to the stained area, letting it bubble. Repeat this until stain is gone. Following immediately by washing the area with water, then dry. Other methods for removing dog blood including pouring milk over the stain to loosen the blood and then blotting. You can also try mixing corn starch and water into a paste, apply to stained area. Rinse with water and blot dry. Finally you can mix meat tenderizing crystals with cold water to form a paste and apply to stained area. Let it work for about an hour, then rinse and blot dry.

Removing Dog Vomit Stains from Your Car

Dogs commonly vomit when traveling in a car. If this happens to your dog, speed is of the essence. Vomit contains stomach acid which can stain fast. So it’s important to clean up as quickly as possible.

Use a white towel or paper toweling to pick up the solid particles first. Then add water to loosen stuck particles. The next step is to coat the area with baking soda or salt, let the area dry and then vacuum. This step can be repeated twice if stains persist. Finally pour club soda on the are and blot dry with paper towels. If the area remains discolored, try a non-toxic commercial cleaner or stain remover. Make sure to read the directions and give the product enough time to work.

A few tips: Regular vomiting of yellow bile can indicate impacted anal glands. This can be very uncomfortable for your dog so if your dog shows these symptoms a trip to the vet is in order. In some dogs, vomiting results from lack of food in the stomach. The simple solution here is to make sure you dog eats before traveling in the car.

Other ways to remove dog stains from your car

To remove dog stains from your car, try these simple remedies.

Use regular white vinegar mixed half and half with water for an effective, inexpensive, multi-purpose, nontoxic deodorizer and cleaner. A good variation for cleaning car urine stains and other organic stains is to mix equal parts water and white vinegar and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

Simply covering a stain with foaming shave cream will remove many pet stains. Just rub in, allow to dry then vacuum dry..

Often a simple dab of ordinary toothpaste can remove some stains on fabric and can also minimize the appearance of rings and stains car floors. For stains on the car floor rugs, you can try Windex right out of the bottle, dab dry with paper toweling.

Protect your Car with a Dog Car Seat Cover

If your dog is prone to cause stains or scratches in the car you might consider a dog car seat cover that protects upholstery and floor carpeting. It is much easier and less expensive in the long run to remove and clean the dog car seat cover than it is to clean or replace upholster or car floor carpeting. has a full selection of dog car seat covers and other products to protect your car.

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