Sleeping Bags for Kids Don’t Have to Be Covered With Cartoons

For lovers of the great outdoors, the beginning of family life can pose challenges. Two adult hikers can be perfectly capable of fending for themselves in any sort or terrain and weather, but if you introduce children into the scenario, the need to look after them while still looking after yourselves makes your job that much tougher.

Sleeping Bags for Kids Don’t Have to Be Covered With CartoonsIt’s important to introduce your children to the wonders of nature as soon as possible, and there’s no better way than to take them hiking, hunting, camping, or fishing as soon as they’re old enough to walk, or even before that if you don’t mind carrying them.

Roughing It Has Never Been Easier

Roughing it used to be much rougher than it is now, because we have access to much better equipment, maps, and GPS devices that allow us to go off the beaten path with confidence. If you’re thinking of taking your children camping, the first thing you should look for is the best kids sleeping bag you can find. That’s harder than it should be, because most sleeping bags for kids aren’t really meant for the great outdoors. Children love sleeping in sleeping bags, and you’ve probably bought a kids sleeping bag, a toddler sleeping bag, and even a baby sleeping bag simply to let your children enjoy overnight sleepovers or just snuggle on the floor in the living room under a tent made of a blanket.

Camping Gear for Children Shouldn’t Be a Toy

Sleeping outside, especially sleeping on a trail or campground requires a better kids sleeping bag than you’re likely to find at the local department store. A toddler sleeping bag is likely to be little more than a blanket that folds over with a zippered closure and pictures of cartoon animals all over it, and a baby sleeping bag might be little more than a conversation piece, not a true piece of outdoor equipment.

Dedicated outdoor equipment suppliers are the only places you’ll find a kids sleeping bag that’s of the same quality and has the same performance as the equipment that’s geared to their parents. You’ll probably be able to find an appropriate baby sleeping bag or toddler sleeping bag that will not only keep the children you’re looking after on the trail warm and snug at night, it will be small and light enough to be carried without too much trouble. A kid’s sleeping bag that’s little more than informal bedclothes with a zipper would be too bulky and heavy for the kids to carry themselves, and parents and others that are entrusted with their care on the trail can quickly get overloaded by the extra gear they have to add to their own.

Start Kids off Right with the Right Gear

While it’s a great idea to practice camping at home in your back yard before heading off on the trail, there’s no reason not to start the kids off right with the proper equipment for real camping, so they’ll be used to it when you head on out to the great outdoors. Children get attached to personal items, and if they love their kids sleeping bag, they’ll take comfort in having it when they’re out camping with you in the wide world instead of the back yard.

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