SpO2 Probe

The SpO2 probe is one of the most overlooked accessories to a finger pulse oximeter. If you happen to find a good deal, you may not want to pass a thing like this up.

SpO2 ProbeRather conveniently, most probes out there on the market are compatible with most brands and models of fingertip pulse oximeters, but you may want to do a bit of shopping first before you jump at buying one. They come in different shapes, and often times with different cord lengths. Both of these contribute greatly to the product’s value.

On average, the cord length for an spo2 finger probe is typically 8 feet long. If you find one of these products with an 8 foot cord, you’ve already found one aspect of a winning accessory. Occasionally you will come across cords that are only 2 feet long, or anything in between 2 and 8 feet. Cords of this length will not be sufficient for most people. However, if you don’t plan on making any large movements in any one direction, pay no attention to the length of the cord.

Most of the actual devices are shaped in a “butterfly-style” form. This is the most common shape you will find in one of these devices, and also one of the most tried and tested. It is very uncommon to find any other shape, so if you happen upon one, make sure you are looking at the correct product page.

The compatibility of an spo2 probe is one of the best things about the device. Most any make or model will work with multiple makes and models of finger pulse oximeters. Make sure you read the product’s description before you purchase, though, as a company will generally list all of the known compatible devices there.

For example, one probe may be compatible with a Colin model oximeter, a Nellcor, an ASM 5000 and 5000V, a Critikon VSM, and possibly many, many more makes and models. The flexibility provides a nice cushion to pulse finger oximeter owners, because in the event that their device fails on them, and they need to replace it with a new one, the majority of people will already own an SpO2 device that will work with any new finger pulse oximeter they choose to purchase.

Owning an SpO2 finger probe isn’t necessarily a must buy for those that already own a pulse oximeter, but it serves an important purpose to some. If you’re interested in one of these devices, just keep in mind these three things: cord length, device shape, and cross brand compatibility.

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