Tactical Folding Knife Guide

When buying a folding knife the first question should be what am i buying the folding knife for? as this will guide you to buying a perfect tactical folding knife. Where you buy your knife also determines the quality of the knife for example when you buy a $10 flea market knife you will not know what type of steel makes the blade or who made the knife or what material made the handle.

Tactical Folding Knife GuideBut if you are looking to buy the best quality folding knife that can be used in all circumstances then the following should guide you to acquire a good quality tactical folding knife.

1. Brand name

buying a knife from a known manufacturer will assure you that you get high quality knife as it means your knife is guaranteed to be of high quality,as companies take stake in their reputation and produce high quality products only.

2. Great blade

A great blade is made from a quantifiable steel quality that is corrosion resistant, high density, and high quality strength and hardness of the metal. blades should be durable and easily sharpened using any good whet stone or sharpening system.

3. Locking system

Always put into consideration how the blades locks there are several types of locks :
– Lock back which is tough and durable and can be found on many hunting knives
– Liner lock: it has a spring tension liner that locks in place when the knife is opened it is easily opened with one hand whether you are opening or closing.

4. Grip materials

Materials used for in folding knives includes, Zytel, titanium, carbon fiber, micarta and aluminum alloy these materials are durable and light weight making them ideal for knives. Handles materials do not add any value or expense in the production however aluminium alloy and titanium are expensive this will raise the price of the knife. When choosing the right grip material on a folding knife one should put into consideration whether the grip of the knife will stay in hand or if the material will withstand all conditions including slippery fluids.

Features to Look for in the Best Tactical Folding Knives

Unlike camping, hunting and survival knives with multipurpose blades, the tactical folding knives used by police officers and military men have single-purpose blades. Such quality means that these knives are unsuitable for every individual because its main purpose is as a defense weapon for their users especially during tactical operations. But not all tactical knives of the folding variety are created equal to the needs and wants of police officers especially the men and women involved in dangerous operations.

1. Handle Made from High-quality Materials

The best tactical folding knife also have handles made from high-quality materials like hardwood, titanium, and stainless steel as well as G-10 and high-grade plastic. Keep in mind that even with the best blade available, a folding knife designed for tactical purposes will be of little to no use without a good handle to wield it with during operations. Look for a textured surface, too, so as to improve your grip on the knife.

The handle should be short enough that a portion of your palm can be positioned over the knifes butt end. Your palm should then push against the knife in case your thrust ends abruptly; your fingers should then be kept off the blade.

2. Sufficient Blade Length

Tactical knives come in several blade lengths so choosing one will often be a matter of personal preference. Experts suggest choosing tactical folding knives with blade lengths of no less than 2.5 inches and no more than 4 inches for optimum use.

At such lengths, the tactical knife will have sufficient length to penetrate a suspects vital organs but will also be compact for storage in your pocket. Plus, the longer a blade is, the easier it will be for a suspect to leverage it out of your hand during a fight.

3. Safety Features

Yes, the tactical folding knife may be used as a weapon against a suspect but it should also provide safety features for its user.

Finger guard aids in the prevention of your fingers from slipping into the blade as well as in aiding in the opening of the blade.

Thumb ramp are raised and ridged, thus, providing your thumb with traction essential in effective thrusting and stabbing.

Other desirable features in tactical folding knives are pocket clips, easy folding mechanism allowing for fast unfolding with a single hand, and ergonomic design. If possible, always test the knives before choosing one for your own use

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