The Training Weight Vest: A New Kind of Barbell

As the technology behind the use of weights for exercise progresses, more and more innovations are invented and created to help give people a better workout. One such invention is the training weight vest. This piece of equipment is simply a vest that has several pockets in strategic positions on the vest in which square weights can be put into, making the end result a weighted vest which the person wears during workout sessions.

Training Weight VestThe weight vest works under the theory that the more weight a person has on when exercising, the more effective the exercise will be. This is because a greater demand is being placed on the body. Simple workouts become much more effective with a weight vest. Even just walking around the park or some light jogging on a treadmill becomes a much more intense workout. In this manner weighted vests also help a person lose weight because the body is working out “thinking” that it has this extra weight to get rid of.

What’s great about the weight vest is that it can be used by anyone. Since all anyone has to do is wear the vest and start a basic workout, no special skills or techniques are needed. This makes it great for beginning weight lifters who slowly want to build strength. Doing push-ups or stretches, for example, can help beginning weight lifters train their bodies to take on excess weight.

Some strength trainers and some weight trainers prefer the weighted vest for workouts because it doesn’t strain the wrists the way barbell weights might. Straining of the wrists due to weights have been known to happen, and they have led to problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and/or tendonitis. This is not a problem with weight vests. Plus weight vests do not strain the back or joints, and studies have shown that it may improve spinal bone density.

If you plan on using a weight vest, be sure you don’t strain yourself or your body by putting too much weight into the vest. The weights for weighted vests slowly increase in one pound increments, so go easy on your body and let your workout progress naturally. Also, make sure that the weight is evenly distributed throughout the vest so that it is evenly distributed throughout the body. This will help give you a more balanced workout, and help you prevent injury.

A training weight vest is a great piece of equipment to have. It will help you tone your body and get the most out of your workouts. It’s a different and innovative kind of weight system; one that you can take advantage of today!

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