Tree Climbing Rope Knots

Generally speaking, there are more than a hundred types of climbing rope knots, however only a few are essential in tree climbing. These knots are easy to tie and untie and are additionally strong enough and steady under weight and strain.

Tree Climbing Rope Knot8 Figure Knot

Also known as the Flemish knot, the 8 figure knot has two parts. The first one is called as the figure of eight knot rethreaded, used to fasten the rope to the harness and the second is called figure of eight on the loop, used to clip into karabiner or any other gear. This knot is a great stopper and also the most common.

Clove Hitch Knot

This all purpose knot is used to fetch the things or gears up on the tree. There are two methods of tying this knot. An open hitch knot is used at times when the fastener is unlocked and the knot can just be build in from the top, while the closed hitch knot is employed when the anchor is closed and the rope is required to be tied around.

Bowline Knot

Sometimes also used in anchoring, these types of tree climbing rope knots are used when the rope is straightway tied around the waist of the climber without the aid of any harness.

Blake Hitch Knot

This slide and grip hitch styles tree climbing rope knot is used by an arborist to climb and slide down. This kind of knot should not be made use in toehold or traction as direct pull on the hitch might loosen it up.

Prusik Knot

Developed by Dr. Karl Prusik in 1931, this grip and slide knot permits the rope to be climbed. This knot is very useful when load is required to be applied in either of the directions.

Klemheist Knot

This slide and grip tree climbing rope knot is useful when the load is required to be functional in the same direction. The knot should be made using a smaller rope than the load hauling rope because similar size of both the ropes reduces the knots effectiveness.

Double Fisherman’s knot

Similar to the 8 figure knot, this knot joins two lines together and is more dependable and solid knot, though somewhat difficult to untie.

Italian Hitch Knot

This type of knot is used to control the descent while rappelling from a tree. Also known as Munter hitch, the benefit of using this knot is that it does not require too many gears and can be used by merely locking a karabiner.

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