Various Types and Uses of Product Labels

The quality of a product is often judged by its appearance especially the product labels by most consumers. To identify a product, product labels is perhaps the most important technique adopted by manufacturers. Various kinds of labels are available in the markets today that are either ready to use or blank that can be customized or labeled according to requirements.

Types Of Product Labels

For branding purposes product labels are used in different ways to make the items noticeable and attractive to customers. The main types often used are namely:

  • Removable Labels

Removable labels are those that are used to identify an item like the fabric used for clothing and does not need any permanent marking.

  • Permanent Labels

Permanent labels are there to stay on the products for longer periods of time. These product labels have permanent bonding and are cold resistant, waterproof and hardy.

  • Information Product Labels

These labels are mostly used on consumer products like food that contain important information regarding the product like date of manufacture, expiry, ingredients and others.

  • Piggyback Product Labels

Piggyback labels are made for labeling express mail envelopes and are used as stickers.

  • Blackout Labels

Blackout labels on the other hand are made from grey colored blank adhesive strips that conceal the contents of the bottle or container from plain sight.

  • Asset Labels

Asset labels are basically used for business or marking company assets.

  • Laser Product Labels

Laser product labels are available in a variety of shapes, materials and sizes. They are heat resistant and are able to withstand laser printing processes at a high temperature.

  • Radioactive Labels

These labels use radioactive isotopes and are of special kinds that allow one to track chemical compounds of the products.

Product labels printing are the most important part of any business to draw the attention of potential customers. The entire layout should be well planned and the designs, colors, decorations and particularly the item’s information must be stunning to attract buyers at the first glance.

Among the various types of ready to use or stick-on product labels that are available at the stores, users prefer the waterproof product labels as they can withstand all adverse weathers and do not wash away or get damaged by the rains. Blank product labels too are very useful as they can be designed according to one’s tastes and requirements. These are very handy for household purposes as well as for cottage industries that use labels to mark their products in a personalized way to convince their users.

Labeling machines have become an important tool for both business and home product labels requirements. Among the innumerable machines, Brady label maker is considered to be the best in this field as it is designed to satisfy all users by its great performance.

How Are Product Labels Made?

Product labels are made from various materials that include:

  • Plastics
  • Fabrics
  • Paper

These have to be printed with the specific design of the products along with correct information and then attached to the items with light or strong adhesive as required. Those labels that cannot be affixed are sewn with thread or tied with string or attached to the products in some way.

When selecting the product labels it is right to keep in mind firstly the quality of the material used, the printing of the labels, the adhesive used and the authenticity of the information printed on the labels. Any wrong or false information can be a great risk factor for the reputation of the manufacturer.

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