Make Life Easier With Wheeled Leaf Blower & Push Leaf Blower

A Wheeled Leaf Blower

The wheeled leaf blower is known for its high power in blowing heavy leaves away at high air velocity. It’s made of a four stroke power engine and has wheels that help in its mobility while pushing it around. But due to its heaviness, the wheeled leaf blower is limited to its movement about the working area.

wheeled leaf blowerBut the high engine power caters for the mobility limitations. The wheeled leaf blower is said to have the capacity to blow leaves or debris at a larger area. Operated by an engine, this amazing blower will blow all the leaves cross your lawn away! With the wheeled leaf blower you don’t have to ignore the leaves on the ground anymore, neither do you have to walk around your backyard blowing one spot at a time.

Though the wheeled leaf blower may not provide you with shredding services, it is one machine you ought to have when the debris is just too heavy to be lifted by the backpack or handheld shredder. The walk behind blower (also the walk-behind blower) has the competence to lift or push heavy leaves off. It works best where the leaves are wet and heavy or when you have a huge pile of leaf debris from hedges that are too tedious to carry around with.

Though the wheeled leaf blower is the best for putting those leaves away in a short time, you will have to put up with the other side of its coin, that is, the cons. For a start the wheeled leaf blower is a heavy duty machine that is a bit mind-boggling in operation. If you have never operated one before, it’s best to have an expert around to show you how it works.

Secondly, you might want to brace yourself for the difficulties in transporting this mean machine in the leaf clearing job. The wheeled leaf blower might have helped you put away the garden rakes but you will have to frown to its heaviness which makes it heavy to transport. The usage factor also means you will experience exhaust fumes from time to time. If you are the kind of guy who likes the ‘going green idea’ brace yourself for this side of the wheeled leaf blower.

Another factor to help you weigh of the wheeled leaf blower is the choice for you; it’s pretty loud! That’s true, the walk behind blower operates a four stroke engine at a pretty high sound level so you it’s not your ideal tool if you have neighbors living on both sides of the fences.

Other than that, the wheeled leaf blower is fantastic for blowing the leaves away in a great area. The four stroke in mixing the oils with the gases. If you works in a large area far from residential house and have the leaf problem; it is the tool to get. It will clean your basketball court or tennis lawn within seconds of powering it up. One more thing; always wear ear muffs if you don’t want to go deaf!

A Push Leaf Blower

Are you tired of those tedious mornings where you have to wake up and rake the whole lawn of freshly fallen leaves? It even gets more annoying when it’s a daily routine you have to fit into your otherwise busy life. Why not trade in the rake with a top notch push leaf blower?

The push leaf blower is the new technology that helps you clear those wet leaves away in the shortest time and get you to enjoy the autumn season instead of dreading them.  You will marvel at its ‘lift and push’ power that is able to blow the heaviest of leaves and debris into one neat pile.

The push leaf blower you will find common in the market today is the gas operated one. This is a great switch from use of power cables which limited mobility in the blowers. The specs are even worth writing so you can know what you are settling for when you buy a suit push leaf blower.

One current push leaf blower doing rounds in the financial market is the Yardwise lawn sweeper. It boasts of a 30 Gallon capacity that keeps it powered for longer hours guaranteeing a longer cleaning period. The Yardwise push leaf blower comes with height adjustments functions to make it possible for anyone to use. Will the little assembly it requires upon delivery, this piece will make you smile each time you go out cleaning.

If you need high power to blow a wide area of leaves, try the Merry Mac push leaf blower. It is specially designed with a hi-tech engine capable of moving air at 185 miles per hour and 1850 cubic feet per minute. It is the perfect push leaf blower to blow away leaves to a great distance from one stationary point. It limits the needs to walk around from spot to spot. The Merry Mac leaf blower also prides itself with a lightweight body which makes it easy to push around without breaking a sweat.

For anyone who owns an ideal push leaf blower, you definitely know that the prices increase with the many specs added. But the Low Price Merry Mac blower is kind to the pocket. It makes clean work simple owing to its compact built body that has the power to blow at 160 MPH and 1600 cubic feet per minute. Its power may be less than the previous model but it sure will send those many rakes packing. An added feature is the top-end deflector for regulating the air flow as you wish and also the ability to blow both sideways and front.

Yardwise also has its own pocket friendly push leaf blower for the same satisfactory clean up job. It’s a 25 inch sweeper with a 30 Gallon capacity with multi-functional grabbing brushes. It also has height adjustment allowances so just about anyone can use it.

The push leaf blowers offer great relief from the rake tools and make it possible to work on greater areas at longer hours without huffing and puffing. And the pocket friendly price benefits are also awesome.

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