Whistling Electric Tea Kettle Buyer’s Guide

The warm cozy feeling of hearing a whistling tea kettle encompasses everything home was meant to be.  At first glance, one instantly begins to imagine a hot cup of tea on a cold winter’s night; every cup is brewed to perfection- thanks to the whistling alarm which signals that the water’s at a roaring boil.  But is every whistling tea kettle capable of delivering this warmth?  Unfortunately the answer is no, as there are a few points to consider when purchasing a new tea kettle.

Things to Consider When Buying a Whistling Electric Tea Kettle

whistling electric tea kettleJust as with any other purchase, when buying a new tea kettle whether it’s electric, whistling, or a glass one- it is important to make sure you’re getting one which is of good quality, and will last.  Sure, buying a tea kettle can seem like a simple purchase- after all how difficult could it be for a mechanism to boil water right?  Well, not all whistling tea kettles are created equal.  When buying a kettle which whistles, you must consider the following:

  • What’s it made of?
  • How does the whistle sound?
  • How many cups does it make?
  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I like the design?

Brands such as Hamilton Beach and Braun provide an array of electric tea kettles at affordable prices. These brands are easy to find, and are among the most popular when it comes to kitchenware.

What’s It Made Of?

Tea kettles are made with various materials such as stainless steel- with or without enamel, ceramic, and even heat resistant glass. However, some materials are more conducive to raising the temperature of water than others.  When choosing what kind of electric whistling tea kettle to purchase, it is important to understand the difference in materials. Glass and ceramic are both breakable, therefore if there are small children around the kettle should always be kept in a high place or it may be best to go with a steel one. While nobody plans on their child getting to their tea kettle, accidents do happen, so it is always best to think ahead.

The Sound

Not all whistles sound alike. Therefore, before buying a whistling electric tea kettle, you may want to ask questions. While the whistle of the kettle merely serves the purpose of signalling the water is hot, there are many individuals who prefer a soft whistle- opposed to a loud demanding tone.  The material of the kettle makes a difference when it comes to it’s whistling sound; if the sound of the kettle is important this must be taken into consideration as well.

How Many Cups Does it Make?

Whistling electric tea kettles come in different sizes, depending on how much water it holds.  While not every tea making experience won’t be the same, it is important to have an idea of how many cups the kettle should hold.  This is also necessary when considering the amount of space the kettle will take up on the kitchen counter or wherever else it is stored.

What’s The Price?

The amount of money spent on a tea kettle could depend on how large it is, it’s design and the brand. Some electrical tea kettle brands are quite affordable, yet they provide the quality and durability of high end tea kettles.  For instance, Hamilton Beach electric tea kettles are very popular because of their affordability, simplicity and quality of the product- much like Braun’s tea kettles.  With the proper research, customers can get a great whistling electric tea kettle that lasts and doesn’t cost a whole lot of money.

What Kind of Design?

As with anything, when choosing an electric whistling tea kettle, it is of the utmost importance to love its design.  This will be a staple in the kitchen, and should look great wherever it sits.  Color, pattern, and the way the handle is made are all factors to be considered.  The handle must be one, which is comfortable to handle, as the water will be hot- and steam burn like fire.

There’s Nothing Like It

As one can see, buying an electric tea kettle isn’t just about finding one which whistles. There are things which should be considered, so that every time the kettle whistles, it brings with it the warmth and cosiness of home.  Just as whistling tea kettles always have.

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