Why Dogs Prefer Seat Covers?

If you want to have a long and happy relationship with your dog, you need to understand that dogs are not people.

If you love your dog, but don’t really like that he jumps on your bed, a sensible action is buy your dog his own bed. By providing your pet with his own comfortable bed, he will be happier and you will too.

Why Dogs Prefer Seat CoversIn the same way, if you enjoy taking your dog for trips in the car but hate the drool marks, mud and hair on your upholstery, the answer is to buy a dog car seat cover for your best friend. It’s true that your dog doesn’t much care if he is sitting on your upholstery of his car seat cover. But I can guarantee that your dog would prefer his own car seat covers. Why? Because your dog is totally attuned to your mood, which will be much happier if the dog car seat is getting the abuse instead of your beautiful and expensive car upholstery.

Your dog wants you to be in a happy mood. If your dog is traveling in his car seat, safe and protected, he is happier because he can tell that you are happy.

A happy owner means a happy dog

One of our customers who live on the West Coast tells the story of how the high point of her week was taking Sally the Great Dane to three different Senior Centers in her area. The seniors looked forward to Sally’s visit and Sally loved it too, but I grew to dread traveling between the centers because, I had just bought a new SUV with leather upholstery and I cringed every time she scratched the upholstery leaving big ugly marks. I knew it wasn’t her fault but it bothered to so much that I considered not taking her to see the old folks.”

This problem was solved by the purchase of a Dog Car Seat Cover that covered the entire passenger section of the SUV. The model our friend purchased was extra easy to install so she could put the car seat cover in her car when she wanted to transport her dog, and take it out the rest of the time.

Another customer provided additional proof that dogs prefer seat covers. He’s a salesman and travels all across the Midwest calling on his accounts who are mostly farmers. He has a border collie named Spud who travels with him. “He’s great company, plus by customers love him so having him with me was a win-win situation — except for my upholstery.” Spud is a great companion but he sheds and the dog hair was making the inside of the car unattractive to clients – who he often took to lunch. In addition the built up dog hairs had a doggy odor that was not attractive. It got so bad that Spud’s master thought about leaving him in a kennel when he traveled. That would have made both man and dog unhappy. There was a better answer.

A dog car seat cover with fabric that held the dog hair so it was confined to the one area and easily removed from the car and cleaned. This simple addition has made Spud a more pleasant traveling companion which makes his master happy, which in turn makes Spud happy.

The biggest selection of dog car seat covers

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