Why Should You Buy A Portable Ice Maker

Why are mobile phones such a hit? Because it brings communication much closer to your fingertips and keeps you connected to your loved ones. Why do most people prefer laptops and notebooks instead of desktop computers? It is mainly because they can be carried around anywhere and everywhere.

Why Should You Buy A Portable Ice MakerNow why should you have a portable ice maker? Now there’s a questions we don’t get to hear often. However, if we look at the various portable ice maker reviews all over the internet, we will be able to pinpoint some commonalities that could simplify the answer to that question.

Here are some of the main reasons why people find portable ice makers to be an important appliance in their homes.

 1. Convenience

Convenience comes in many forms, from the ease of handling and operation to its transferability and maintenance, and the same concepts apply to the need for a home ice maker. Here are a few points raised in many reviews.

  • Portable ice makers come in compact sizes and designs that are made for mobility and transport. They are not as heavy or as bulky as a huge ice box or a mini-freezer. This means they can be moved from the kitchen to the wet bar in the living room or even outside on the porch for an afternoon family barbecue or a picnic. They are small enough to be placed on tops of counters or tables, and some could even qualify as undercounter ice makers.
  • Having ice ready and basically ‘on tap’ is a good thing, especially if you and your family find yourselves in constant need of ice, or you often entertain friends and guests over for small gatherings or get-togethers. There would no longer be a need to run out and buy ice when your refrigerator freezer runs out. The reviews are particularly fond of how many of these home ice makers are capable of continuously making ice while having enough room for ice storage. Some ice makers can make as much as 35 lbs of ice in a 24-hour period while having an ice storage capacity of even up to 6 lbs of ice.
  • Speed in ice-making is a particular advantage of ice makers. Unlike freezers, they are made specifically for the task of making ice in a relatively shorter amount of time than simply letting water sit on the freezer and waiting until they eventually turn to ice. Many ice makers also have options as to the sizes of the ice that will be produced, giving you more freedom to choose that which will be appropriate for the occasion.
  • Space efficiency is a major advantage of these ice makers, and that’s not only with regards to its small and compact size. They also happen to free some space in our refrigerators. Instead of allotting a large space in our freezers for ice, it is cleared for other items that need refrigeration.
  • Many reviews are also particularly interested with how these small machines would look like and, since most are designed to suit most settings and complement various décors, they are obviously favored than the larger ice storage boxes or mini-freezers.

2. Health & Safety Concerns

Let’s face it: you can never really be sure about the quality and cleanliness of the ice cubes that you buy from stores, can you? As many reviews point out, the taste and the overall quality of the ice will largely depend on the type and quality of water you feed into the machine to be turned into ice. With your own ice maker, you can be sure that the water you use will be clean and fit for human consumption – yours, in particular.

Cleanliness will not only stem from the water but also from the unit itself. Owning an ice maker means you can personally make sure it is clean before you set it to make ice. You cannot say the same thing for those commercially-bought ice cubes as you really have no idea when, where and how they were made.

As for safety, most home ice makers are made to be user-friendly that even kids can easily operate them. Ranging from electronic controls to digital displays, the instructions are pretty much straight-up and easy to follow, so there’s no fear of accidentally pressing the wrong buttons and having untoward incidents from happening.

There are still a lot more reasons that can be gleaned from reading many reviews. However, the reasons enumerated above are the main points highlighting the need to have your own home ice maker.

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