Wine Coolers 101

Single and Dual Zone Wine Coolers – What is the Difference?

Having a difficulty choosing between single or dual zone wine coolers? Our website will be able to give you a detailed rundown of the benefits each type of wine cooler can offer. Our staffs are all highly experienced in this area and will be able to give you all the facts you need when it comes to wine coolers.

Wine Coolers 101Storing Wines in a Refrigerator or in a Refrigerated Wine Cellar?

One vital element that is needed when it comes to properly storing wine is to place it in a vibration free compartment and away from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. Vibration and UV rays can both decrease the quality and flavor of the wine. There is also the issue of maintaining the perfect temperature. In this case, the ideal temperature when storing wine is between 53 – 57F. Moisture or humidity is also a factor and must be kept at 55 – 70% at all times. You might be asking which type of wine storage is perfect for you; wine refrigerator or refrigerated wine cellar. Take a look below for a quick lowdown of the specifics.

Wine Coolers – Most people usually opt for wine coolers. The reason for this is if you plan on opening the wine within a year then wine refrigerators or coolers is best suited for you. These types of wine storage are designed specifically for short term storage only. You can find wine coolers that have a storage capacity between 12 to 50 Bordeaux sized bottles. When it comes to choosing the best wine cooler there are a couple of factors you should look into:

1. Where will you install the wine cooler? Will you place it at the counter top, under counter, freestanding or cabinetry and how much space can afford?

2. What type of wines do you plan on storing inside these wine coolers? Keep in mind that red and white wines have different ideal temperature conditions when storing. This factor will decide whether you need a single or dual zone wine cooler.

Now we move to the other half of the spectrum: the Refrigerated Wine Cellar. This is basically recommended for serious wine collectors that will most likely store their wines for more than a year. These are designed specifically to be used as a long-term storage and will usually have a much larger capacity and different design than wine coolers. One of the best manufacturers of wine cellars is Danby. Take a look at our comprehensive review of their products in our review section for more detail.

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