Wireless Light Switches

We are here to bring you the best deals and information to help you make your next wireless light switch purchase for your home. With so many brands and styles to pick from, you are bound to find a solution that does exactly what you need it to.

wireless light switchesLight is a necessity, and so lighting equipment, bulbs and lamps were invented. However, these devices share the same feature. They all need switches that need to be flicked to turn on and off the lights. With a wireless light switch, a type of light switch, a light can turn itself off or on. A wireless light switch eliminates the hassle of standing up and flick a switch when you need to turn the light on or off.

An interior wireless lighting system provides you with a wireless light control to turn the lights on and off. Another great advantage of having wireless lighting is that it is easy to install and you don’t need a wired lighting switch.

Installing wireless lighting is also the best option if you are remodeling your house, which will require new wirings. Rather than tearing down a wall to access the light wiring, why not use wireless lighting instead? This option helps you avoid the hassles of gaining access to old wires to make your remodeling fast and simple.

Traditional lighting systems typically use dimming boxes where you can find the electronics to which the light cables are attached and are also wired to the light plates. With a wireless light switch, you don’t have to think about this issue.

Wireless light switches are also perfect in log homes, where electrical installations can be difficult because of the amount of drilling needed to install the traditional lighting systems. To install a light switch in a log home, you also need to route a large hole in the log to be able to install a switch box. Wireless switches do not need switch boxes and wires, so routing is not needed in a log home anymore.

To install a wireless light at home, you only need a wireless lighting kit and a screwdriver. There are many interior wireless lighting kits available on the market. When choosing one, select one that you can install yourself.

When you are ready to install your own wireless lights, turn off the circuit breaker. Then remove existing lighting switches and disconnect the wires. Light switches can easily be removed. You can also easily reconnect the wires to your new receivers.

Then, replace the standard switches with an electronic dimmer.  This type of dimmer should be able to receive and send wireless radio signals. Then, reconnect the wires to your new receivers. The faceplates should then be screwed on for the dimmers.

Once done with reconnecting the wires properly, you can now enjoy your wireless lighting! Each wall outlet into which a light or lamp is plugged receives a lamp dimmer.

With a wireless light switch, you are free from the hassles of having to be physically connected to your light switch. To make it work, most wireless light switches, especially the X10 solutions, need batteries for power output. However, there are also models that utilize “energy harvesting” rather than batteries.  Such models use the electricity generated by pressing the switch to power a built-in transmitter. This transmitter sends a radio signal to the receiver.

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